5 Pitfalls to Avoid when Organizing a Corporate Team Building Day

Young adults

Young adults

If you want to know the worst 5 pitfalls you need to avoid when organizing a corporate team building day, then this is the article you need to read from beginning till end. You must avoid these pitfalls in order to make your event successful, and hopefully we are going to show them to you right now. Because we believe that if you avoid them, your corporate team building day will be a real hit!

Your Event Shouldn’t Be Too Physically Demanding:

You should create a corporate team building day that can include all of your employees. Never organize something that only a few can do, like a highly-demanding physical activity. For example, you can organize a nice soccer match between your employees. Soccer is not so demanding, especially if you organize it in a small field. You can also reduce the time of play, so your employees can enjoy it without getting too tired. It’s all a matter of organizing an activity that everyone can truly enjoy.

Plan It Accordingly:

You should plan this day with patience and dedication. If you do it in a rush, then you are likely to obtain very poor results, contrary to what you may have wanted to obtain at the beginning.

You should plan what you are going to organize, the place, the food, etc. This is an activity which is meant to bring an excellent stress relief to your employees. So plan it very well, because they deserve to have this special day.

Don’t Make Big Teams:

The team should be small but not too much. Don’t make teams too big, because this will make coordination way too difficult, and this may damage the main purpose of your activity. You should have 10 persons as the maximum size for a team, something higher than that will bring problems and ruin your team building day activity. 10 persons seems to be the perfect size, because it allows all members to participate, cooperate and act in harmony. So give it a try, try to make your teams with 10 participants each.

Define Goals:

The goals for this day should be defined quite well. You need to define clear goals on what will have to be accomplished on this day, so your employees can understand the purpose of this activity very well.

You need to connect this activity to the real life. Maybe you want to do this to make your employees work better as a team, so state it and let them know that the purpose of the team building is that.

Just Make It Fun:

Just make it fun. Try to make it relaxed, so your employees can enjoy it. This activity is meant to act as a stress relief for you and your workers, so don’t make things complex and just set up a good activity where everyone can participate and pass a good time. The simpler it is, the better for you.