5 Reasons Artificial Grass Can Help the Environment

5 Reasons Artificial Grass Can Help the Environment

Spring and Summer will soon be here; where the days are longer, the skies are blue, and the sun is out. We all enjoy being outdoors in the warmer months as it gives us a feel-good feeling, but mowing a garden, planting flowers and investing in having a lush green lawn takes time and money.

Artificial grass in this instance is the perfect solution to a hassle-free green lawn, that will look attractive and healthy all year round.

Here are five reasons why artificial grass london can help the environment.


Chemical free

Artificial grass is much safer than natural grass as you will no longer need to use unnatural and harmful chemicals, such as wee-killers, pesticides or fertilisers. Your artificial lawn will stay green and luscious without poisoning the earth with toxic chemicals.

A cut above the rest

The best thing about artificial grass? It means no more mowing! Lawn mowers are either electric or petrol powered, and this isn’t good for the environment. There are toxic fumes emitted by gas powered lawn mowers; the same level of toxic fumes that a car driving for ninety-three miles would emit. Reducing the use of lawn mowers also means a reduction in carbon monoxide emissions.

Save on water

During hot summers, we are often imposed with a hose pipe ban. Luckily, artificial grass stays fresh, green and luscious without a drop of water, saving you money on your bill each month as well as saving water.

Artificially natural

Despite being ‘artificial’, artificial grass is actually made from natural materials, like PP curled yarn. Artificial grass is also EU approved, UV stabilised and chlorine resistant, as well as being 100% recyclable and bio-degradable. This makes artificial grass ‘green’ in every sense of the word!

Soak it up

Artificial grass is sometimes thought to cause flooding because it doesn’t absorb excess water like natural grass can. Artificial grass is permeable however and manufactured to have drainage holes in the backing, so water can filter through with ease.


Artificial grass is friendly to the environment – and to your bank balance! Artificial grass will give you the luscious lawn you have always dreamed of, without the heavy expense or hard graft. You’ve then got the weekends to yourself to enjoy the garden, instead of working hard on it.