Author: Sandra Hall

5 Pitfalls to Avoid when Organizing a Corporate Team Building Day

If you want to know the worst 5 pitfalls you need to avoid when organizing a corporate team building day, then this is the article you need to read from beginning till end. You must avoid these pitfalls in order to make your event successful, and hopefully we are going to show them to you right now. Because we believe that if you avoid them, your corporate team building day will be a real hit! Your Event Shouldn’t Be Too Physically Demanding: You should create a corporate team building day that can include all of your employees. Never organize...

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How Much Time do Your Staff Spend Wasting Time at Work

Wasted time is lost money. You need to optimize the time in the office from your employees, and on this article we are going to check how much time you are wasting, and what you can do about it. Because if you optimize your time, you will be able to obtain better results and profits, because the time will be well-invested, and as such, the profits will rise. The Big Problem: The problem is that an alarming 89% of employees agree that they lose time in their job. And that’s even scary, because this is an all-time high. Employees nowadays are losing more time than ever before. From this percentage, about 31% lose around 30 minutes PER DAY. Another 31% lose an HOUR, and then we have a 16% that lose 2 hours daily. Here we can see that our employees are losing quite a lot of time. And there are even more worrying cases, especially when we see that a 2% lose 5 or MORE hours daily! But honestly, that’s pretty insane and we sincerely hope it’s not your case, because losing 5+ hours daily can really give big problems to your business. How Do They Lose Time? Most of them lose time using their phone. Calls to friends and sending sms can really waste a lot of time from your employees. And the worst part here is...

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5 Ways to Leave a Bad Impression On Your New Boss

There are many ways by which you can leave a horrible impression on your new boss. Do you want to avoid them? We have located the worst of the worst, and based on that we have established this 5-element listing, so you can learn about them and avoid them. Because these 5 mistakes can leave a very bad impression on your boss, and we all know that it’s never a good thing. Don’t Dress Correctly: The way you dress can have a huge effect on how your boss perceives you. If you want to be perceived as a clean, responsible and useful employee, then you should care about your looks. This is more important than you think, because your appearance will always be a part of how people perceive you, and that includes your boss. Always care about your hygiene, make sure you meet the dress code and that your clothes are always fresh and clean. Inappropriate Vocabulary: Your boss will also care about the way you speak. If you often use inappropriate vocabulary, then you may want to leave it for your friends, because your boss will see it as a big flaw. We all like to curse every now and then, that’s natural, but never do it in front of your boss, because this will leave a very bad impression and this is the last thing you...

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