Average Age for UK Women to Wed is Now 30

Average Age For UK Women To Wed is Now 30

A recent mathematical theory revealed that 26 is the ideal age in which to get married, but new research suggests both men and women are ignoring this ‘rule’! The average age for UK women to wed is now 30 – and this could be down to a multitude of reasons.

A recently published Marriage Report, which surveyed 4,000 recently married couples, discovered that couples now have much longer relationships before marrying and have generally had two previous serious relationships before they settle down with “the one”.


The cost of a wedding


Wedding costs are at an all-time high, so it’s not surprising that couples are allowing themselves more time to save up for the big day. There’s also a lot of time that needs to be factored in to the process, such as visiting wedding venues, contacting suppliers and finding an appropriate time in the year to get family and friends together!


The meaning of a wedding


Weddings are now focused on the celebration of a couples’ life-long commitment to each other, as opposed to the start of a new life together. This is why weddings have become a bigger occasion, as the average cost of a UK wedding has risen by £487 in the last year alone. Time goes into get the big day just right, with thousands splashed on the dress, venue, catering, entertainment and photographer!


The country where people get married the latest


The Marriage Report also revealed that Scandinavian countries are more common to get married at a later age. In Denmark for example, the average age people get married is almost 31 years old. In Sweden, Finland and Norway, the average age to get married is well above 30 years old, too.


It’s positive to see how marriage is evolving for today’s modern couples. Marriages are becoming stronger than ever, relationships are happier and more committed than ever, and couples are making more consensual decisions than ever.