Bring the Outside in With Bi Folding Doors

Bring the Outside in With Bi Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors create a seamless flow between your garden and living space.

As Spring approaches, our minds turn to spending more time outside. Spring means blue skies, fresh air and a cool breeze, which in turn calms and revitalises your senses. Our thoughts soon turn to throwing open the doors and windows to let in the sunshine, but unfortunately the great British weather doesn’t always allow that. A solution for this is to install bi folding doors, giving you an opportunity to open up the entire room, especially if you’re thinking about entertaining outside and hosting garden dinner parties.

Bi-fold is becoming an increasingly popular option to bring the garden right up to the door, so that the garden becomes an extension of your house. Bringing the outside in creates a feeling of space, almost giving the illusion of an extension.


Light and space

Bi folding doors london ensure that the maximum amounts of light are let in, helping to create a warm and welcoming feel to rooms where the doors are fitted. On sunny days, the doors can be opened fully to let in the sun and warmth, and during the winter the doors hold the warmth inside. When opened fully, the doors bring the outside in so that both environments can be enjoyed. Bi-folding doors are ideal for homeowners who want to create a bigger space that opens onto a garden or patio area.


Unlike any other type of door, bi-folding doors fold away compactly when they are opening, which means the space around them can be utilised at all times. Bi-folding doors can also be formed in a number of different configurations, which means they can be tailored to your preferences with the number of panels you desire.


Bi folding doors have a contemporary look and are a sophisticated edition to any home or workspace. There are different frame options to ensure the doors sit with the existing features of a room, and they require very little maintenance to look good all year round.