Digital Marketing Focus – Search, Social And Paid Advertising

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online marketingIncrease Your Brand’s Online Visibility With A Digital Marketing Strategy

How can you increase the presence of your company online? Learn how to use search engine optimisation, paid advertising and social media to boost your website.

The development of a strong digital presence should be the most important marketing focus for any organisation who wants to succeed online. The Internet is full of competition in any niche or industry. Therefore, it is vital that companies combine the most appropriate use of digital marketing tactics to form the best strategy for their brand’s visibility campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a technique which assists Google in recognising the relevance of your web pages for a particular set of keywords or phrases. The search engine displays its organic listings below the search box and adverts – the pages listed here have not paid for a specific ranking. Instead, they have been selected by Google’s complex set of internal algorithms which determine the relevancy of any web page. Of course, the exact structure of these algorithms is kept secret so that spam and low quality websites are not able to cheat the system.

However, Google does give out various pointers and insights regarding the ranking weight that it gives to quality websites. Techniques that are regularly used within SEO involve the use of keywords, the inclusion of meta tags and off-page factors such as backlinks to your company website.

The great news about search engine optimisation as a digital marketing method is that it is completely free. Smaller companies can perform just as well in search as bigger names within the industry. Once established, regular SEO focus can assist in cementing the long-term reputation of your brand within its industry.

The downside to search engine optimisation is that it can take anywhere between a few months to several years before your website appears on the coveted page one of Google.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is like word-of-mouth marketing in a digital arena. It is also another low-cost yet extremely effective way for a brand to gain visibility online.

Many companies that are successful online choose to interact with their consumers through networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest. By reaching out to social media followers, you will be able to generate interest in your brand by providing information on promotions and company news or developments.

Your marketing team can also engage with consumers by initiating relevant conversations, asking questions or producing polls and obtaining information about what the general public would like from your brand.

Setting up profiles with social media platforms is entirely free. However, as a marketing technique it does require regular effort to provide updates to your followers.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is popular with companies as it offers an immediate way of being visible online. By far the most popular method of purchasing digital ad space is to use Google’s AdWords vehicle. This is a way for companies to target an endless range of relevant keywords to reach a specific audience.

AdWords is free to set up, following which you can set a budget that is appropriate for your organisation’s finances. You must bid for relevant keywords so that your website can be displayed in sponsored positions. These are found in prominent areas above and below the organic listings. AdWords makes it easy to track the progress and budget of your ad campaigns and you can pause, modify or resume your ads as you wish.

Digital marketing can be tricky to master, particularly as the trends in Internet usage change rapidly and significantly over a short duration. Companies such as SEO Essex Co are able to handle all of your online marketing needs which will increase your digital presence and generate more leads for your site.