Education Authority Slashes Nursery Hours

child playing at nursery

Making The Right Choice For Your Child

With nursery hours at the risk being cut in Northern Ireland, what does that mean for parents in London?

There are many rules and regulations surrounding nursery education, and those same rules and regulations are constantly changing and evolving. The latest proposed change is to cut the amount of hours that certain children will spend at nursery each week. Here we’ll talk you through those changes, what they could mean for you in the future, and where you can find an outstanding nursery for your little one. It may seem like a daunting prospect, but by keeping abreast of all the different laws regarding nursery education and finding a nursery that suits your child, you’ll have no problems.

The proposed changes

The changes in question relate to nursery education in Northern Ireland. They could see the amount of time some children are spending in special school nurseries cut from 4.5 hours a day to 2.5. The proposals will now go out for consultation before they can be put into motion. If they do though, it will have a big impact on the lives of both parents and children, with the time that they are spending in a school nursery almost halved.

The rest of the UK

Although Northern Ireland does differ from the rest of the UK on many key political issues, the fact that these changes are being proposed in a country that is part of the United Kingdom could mean that change is on the horizon elsewhere too – especially with Northern Irish MPs now having such a big presence in Parliament. So when it comes to sending your child to nursery, you should find one that is dedicated to providing the best possible experience as well as working in close cooperation with local education authorities. Luckily for you, the best nurseries do just that.

Education built around the needs of your child

School nurseries are restricted in more areas than time too. Decreases in funding and teaching staff mean that sometimes, lessons aren’t as multi-faceted as some parents might expect. At the best nurseries, your child will be able to enjoy an education that encompasses all areas of their development. From yoga classes (yes, really!) to visits to local museums, all with an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, your child won’t just be learning within the traditional constraints of a classroom.

An example of a great nursery

The Little Tug Boat Nursery provides a programme that is tailored around the needs of the children which given budgeting concerns, state nurseries like the ones in Northern Ireland are not always able to do. They are much more flexible with timings, allowing you to go back to work without the worry of arranging additional childcare alongside morning and afternoon sessions. So if one day, the educational authority made cuts to school nursery hours in your area, they could still enjoy a full day of outstanding activities at The Little Tug Boat.


Your next steps

With changes looming in certain parts of the UK, it is reassuring to know that nurseries like The Little Tug Boat are continuing to provide a great service that isn’t hindered by cuts. So whether you are a first time parent or are keen to do things differently with this little one compared to their siblings, enquiring at this top London nursery should be top of your to-do list.