Essex’s Economy Predicted To Grow To £60 Billion

Essex windmill

Essex windmillThere’s Never Been a Better Time to Set Up Home in the County

While we’re surrounded by tales of economic uncertainty, Essex is bucking that trend with a very strong financial outlook.

Right now, it seems that financially, there’s not really a lot to get excited about. We’re living in times of great uncertainty, and there’s a lot of concern about how we’re going to cope. Well, Essex is bucking that trend of late. In fact, the local economy looks like it’s going to thrive over the next few years, which is great news for local residents. The economy will rise to £60 billion – and all of that extra cash will be used to strengthen public services and make Essex really stand out as a great place to live. So there’s never been a better time to put down roots here than now!

Social care

The surge to Essex’s economy will come from planned increases to council tax. While these will be minimal for most Essex residents (a 65p a week increase for an average Band D property), they’ll go a long way. The extra cash raised will go towards the social care needed in the county. The rise has been described as ‘justified’ by leading council figures because people are living for so much longer – increasing the demand for elderly care. The extra levy will raise some £17 million for those in need of social care. However, it’s not just the area’s most vulnerable residents who will be feeling the benefits of the council’s fuller coffers.

Funding public services

Essex boasts great transport links into London, so it makes sense that the council are investing in infrastructure, highways and public transport. 91% of schools are now classified as good or excellent thanks to extra funding. Flood protection has been rolled out across thousands of homes, and a staggering 75,000 properties now have super-fast broadband. The ultimate goal is to turn Essex into an ‘economic engine room’, boosting the economy from £33 billion to £60 billion by 2025. So the coming years are set to see the fortunes of the area continue to rise.

A fantastic place to live

As you can see, all of this investment means that Essex is a really great place to live, and this will only improve as time goes on. It’s already a popular choice for buyers, and the boosts to the local economy will benefit everyone – from school children to the elderly. So if you’re thinking of moving to the area, there’s never been a better time to do so than now! Keystones Property, an estate agents in Romford, will be able to help you find your dream Essex home. There are some really exciting property developments on the horizon too, so keep your eyes peeled for that perfect property!

Will you make the move?

With lots of money being invested in public services, Essex is a place where everyone can thrive, no matter their age or social status. It’s an area with a long history and proud heritage, and the news that Essex’s economy is set to improve dramatically over the next decade will be met with delight from the area’s residents. Maybe you’ll be one of them once you’ve found your forever home in this very prosperous county?