Facials You Should Try According to Your Skin Type

Facials You Should Try According to Your Skin Type

There are dozens of facial treatments that you can indulge and treat yourself to, so it’s understandable if you feel slightly confused by the many types available.

Booking yourself in for a facials essex is a great way to relax and treat your skin. So which facial are you going to book next? We list the most common ones so that choosing one for your skin type becomes much easier.


Lymphatic drainage facial

If your skin suffers with puffiness or swelling, a lymphatic drainage facial session may just be the solution. These concerns can be associated with late nights, lack of rest, diet and even genetics. Puffiness or swelling of the face means your body is not able to remove excess fluids as effectively, causing the face to look dull and tired.

A lymphatic drainage facial session is essentially a facial massage which will help to stimulate the lymphatic glands in the face to relieve any excess fluid, tension and puffiness. If this is your skin type, it’s ideal to have a lymphatic drainage facial monthly.

Brightening facial

A brightening facial can be beneficial for all skin types, but those with dullness, scarring, marks or spots will benefit the most. This type of facial helps to even out skin tone with the use of antioxidant ingredients such as Vitamin C. You will notice that your skin is more radiant and glowy immediately after the session.

A brightening facial can be done every 2 weeks for starters as it helps the skin to become accustomed to the ingredients used. You can then switch to a monthly routine after a few weeks.

Fruit facial

Fruit facials have been gaining more popularity in recent times and are the perfect choice for younger skin. Fruit facials make use of natural acids found in fruits to improve the complexion of the skin. Fruit facials often contain lemon which helps to brighten the skin, and malic acid to serve as an exfoliator. If your skin is relatively clear, and you’re looking for a fuss-free facial to cleans, hydrate and tone your complexion, then a fruit facial is a good facial to go for.

Gold facial

Gold facials aren’t just fit for royalty! If you’re looking to pamper your skin once in a blue moon, then a gold facial may just be the right choice for you. Gold facials originate from Japan, making use of Gamma PGA compounds to help improve the way skin looks and feels. The compounds contain metal particles to help fight any free radicals in the skin. In the process of doing so, it helps to even out complexion and smooth the skin.

Anti-aging facial

It’s important to prevent aging from a young age as the constant stress and our hectic lifestyles can take a toll on our skin. An anti-aging facial is similar to a regular one, as it exfoliates, extracts and masks, but it also makes use of collagen to treat mature skin conditions, such as sassing. Anti-aging facials focus on cleansing the pores which can become congested easily, causing the appearance of large pores to be more visible. This type of facial is recommended for people in the age group of 30 and above.


Other than choosing the right facial for your skin type, it is also important to take note of a few key practices. Prior to having a facial, avoid excessive sun exposure to prevent your skin from being more susceptible to skin damage.

If you choose to have a facial that involves pore cleansing and extractions, it’s important to book a time slot where you have enough time for your face to rest afterwards. It is common to experience some redness after a facial appointment, so try not to schedule a facial before a big event as your skin will take five to seven days to recuperate.