Finding Cheap Pallet Couriers To Europe

cheap pallet services

cheap pallet servicesHow the rise of improved business networks and Internet use has made access to cheaper European pallet delivery options possible.

Explosion In Pallet Delivery And Increased Competition Helps Customers Save

The rise in cross-border trade and Internet ordering has seen the movement of goods on pallets increase dramatically, and this has meant more pallet delivery options open to you if you have a pallet to send both in the UK and Europe. The cost of sending a pallet has fallen in recent years with increased competition in the independent pallet business. Many companies are now offering cheap groupage services, where pallets from different companies are loaded into the same containers and trucks for delivery.

The Options

Along with the rise in demand for pallet services is the availability, thanks partly to the Internet, of independent pallet delivery services’ discounted prices, usually available only to large volume customers. Established couriers, such as Parcel Force Worldwide and UPS Worldwide Express Freight, had cornered the market, until the rise of more dynamic and competitive independents.  The Internet has enabled these new pallet companies to reach out to a wider market while also reducing their overheads, which allows them to offer more competitive pricing.

Find A Specialist Courier

Many pallet couriers service specific counties and routes, which again allows them to offer more competitive rates than companies that provide a global service. For example, a specialist company offering pallet delivery to Italy might be a better option if you are trading with Italy on a regular basis. Some companies that have close ties with Europe markets will make regular journeys, even if their cargo is not full, and often be in a position to offer discounted prices. Smaller businesses are also more open to offering discounts with regular, trusted customers.

Package And Prepare Your Pallet Properly

Packaging – ensure your pallet is packed properly and delicate items are properly protected. This is important for insurance purposes along with obviously ensuring it reaches its destination undamaged. Ideally, all pallets should be covered with at least 60 gauge stretch wrap to secure and protect goods.

Paperwork – ensure the correct paperwork is used and fully completed. It’s usually available for download from the pallet company’s website.

Measurements – weigh and measure your pallet properly before getting quotes; you could pay a surcharge if it weighs more or exceeds the size quoted for. Don’t gamble on exceeding the company’s size restrictions (if applicable) – they could return it to you or it may get damaged if, for example, it’s too large for their automated sorting equipment.

Problems To Be Aware Of If Using Middleman Services

Some companies offer middleman services, where they arrange the transportation of your pallet with another company. However, there are risks associated with such services:

Missing pallets – you have to go through the middleman service you booked with although they’ll give you a claim form from the courier you actually sent your pallet through. Therefore, instead of dealing direct with your courier you’ll be liaising with the middleman company which can add to the time taken to resolve problems.

If they go bust – if the middleman goes out of business it won’t affect your pallet order as it’s passed onto the actual courier barely a couple of hours after you’ve booked. If, however, your pallet gets lost there’s nothing you can do as investigations would have to go through the (now non-existent) middleman company you’ve used.

Possible slow response – some middlemen pallet companies may be slower in responding to enquiries than the pallet company direct. To be fair they’re often smaller outfits with stretched resources.

In the end it’s a balancing act – if prices from booking direct aren’t much higher than going through an online middleman and your pallet is especially valuable or time critical, then this will influence your decision. The best option is to choose a dedicated European pallet courier service, who can be trusted to deliver your pallet safely and one time – sometimes the cheapest option is not the best service.