Football Birthday Parties for Toddlers

2 lads playing football

Celebrate Their Special Day With SoccerDays

If your toddler already has a passion for football, then why not throw them a soccer themed celebration?

With England’s incredible run at the World Cup and the start of the new Premier League season well and truly upon us, there’s never been more of an appetite for football. If you have a football loving child, then why not treat them to an epic kick about? Football birthday parties are a great way to get your little one and their friends playing and having fun together. SoccerDays are one of the leading providers of Football Classes for Toddlers, and they can help you to plan a birthday party that your child will love.

The perfect venue

If you arrange a birthday party with SoccerDays, you’ll be able to pick a venue that suits you. They have a wide variety of indoor venues for you to choose from, so that you’ll be able to enjoy the special occasion no matter the weather. Of course, you are welcome to hire your own venue if you have one in mind. So you can pick the perfect location for you and your guests.

Fun footy games

Football is a game that even the littlest soccer superstars should be able to enjoy. That’s why SoccerDays put fun twists on the beautiful game for their birthday parties, making them perfect for pint-sized attention spans. With music based footy games, tried and tested fun competitions and of course, some penalty shoot outs all on the agenda, your little guests will be enthralled from start to finish.

Led by professionals

SoccerDays parties are always led by fully trained and qualified instructors, so your child and their friends will be in safe hands from the first whistle to the last. They teach children from ages 3-7 during the week, so they will be able to handle toddlers with ease. They’ll know exactly which activities are suitable for each age group, so your child’s party will be tailored to their exact needs and capabilities.

Free invites

It can be a pain finding the time to shop for party invites, so Soccerdays have taken care of that too! When you book a football birthday party with them, you’ll get free printed invitations. Organising a children’s birthday party can be time consuming enough, so having your invitations there and ready to be written out will be one less thing to tick off the list!

More than just a game

A football party isn’t just fun, but has lots of benefits for kids too. They will be running around burning off some energy, which anyone with a toddler will know is no mean feat. As well as getting them physically active, a football party will engage their minds too. They will have to use their brains to take part in the games, and will need to work together too. So they will be learning, keeping fit and having a great time. What more could a parent ask for?

Get ready for kick off!

With the new school year just around the corner, your toddler will be making some of their very first friends at nursery, preschool and primary school. So when it’s time for them to celebrate their birthday, invite them all to join in an hour of footy fun. You never know – it could kindle the passion of a future star of the game!