Home Décor Trends For 2018

Home Décor Trends For 2018

It’s time for new year, new décor! Whilst some people may be looking for a fresh start this year by losing weight, eating healthier or getting your finances in order, others are focusing on transforming their apartments or homes with some new trendy accessories and furnishings.

Rattan and wicker

Rattan and wicker have been popular for decades, but 2018 we are set to see a real resurgence of the use of rattan and wicker. Rattan furniture isn’t just subjective for summertime and outdoor lounging, these materials are fresh and modern to be able to use all year round.

We would recommend buy rattan garden furniture and investing in a good quality outdoor set. They’re perfect to lounge around on in the hot summer days and warm evenings, and they can be easily cleaned and stored when it is not in use.

Indoor rattan chairs, rattan-frame beds and rattan lamp shades are becoming increasingly popular, so it’s definitely a material worth investing in.

Industrial details

Industrial accessories have been popular for the last few years, and as a population we are loving anything that has a mid-century style to it; hairpin legs, wood, metal and exposed bulb lighting will be at the forefront of the trend.

A modern take on the classic industrial style lamp has a simple and sleek design, with a no-fuss shape.

Patterned plants

Lots of people enjoy having plants in various rooms in the home, whether they’re real or artificial, as they bring a bit of the outdoors in. Cacti were incredibly popular, but 2018 will be the year for patterned plants to take over. There are hundreds of patterned plant options, but a Calathea plant, Pothos plant and Calathea rattlesnake plant are set to be the most popular potted plant for 2018.


In 2017, minimalism was all the craze. It was all about white painted floors, walls and ceilings, negative space and the bare minimum on accessories and furnishings. But for 2018, maximalism is creeping its way through in the form of colour, pattern and vintage collectables. An easy way to inject maximalism into your home is through bright colour palettes, bold prints and different textures.