How Branded Paper Cups Can Improve Your Business

How Branded Paper Cups Can Improve Your Business

Paper cup advertising has a very high success ratio in comparison to other offline marketing strategies. In fact, printed paper cups have the potential to rekindle a brand, with graphics and content on a cup providing a talking point for people.

If a brand uses offline strategies for advertisement, such as flyers, brochures and pamphlets, there’s a high possibility they will be discarded without even being read. However, if someone is drinking their favourite hot beverage in a cup, and are taking 5-7 minutes to drink it, this provides ample time for the ad to be noticed.

Paper cup advertising

Paper cup advertising can save businesses a lot of money on their advertising and market costs, especially if they are a small start-up company. Coffee cup advertising provides broader benefits than traditional marketing sometimes, even with a smaller budget.

Branded cup advertising brings provides undivided exposure for a brand, targeting the right set of people through customised geographic coverage.

Sense of creativity

People love creativity, which is why paper cup advertising invites people towards a brand, as opposed to pushing them away from it. If an ad is placed creatively on a paper cup, or the brand logo is clearly seen, it is bound to impress those who value creativity.

People can be introduced to the brand just by seeing a creatively placed advert on a small canvas cup – the possibilities are endless!

Take your cup marketing out there

Cup marketing can project an advertising marketing campaign to thousands of customers month-on-month. Straight from the coffee machines, to the stairs, desks and lunchrooms of people, cup marketing has the potential to reach a wide audience.

Paper cups provide a cool and effective advertising marketing medium, perfect for advertising website addresses, products or services.