How to Burglar-Proof Your Business

How to Burglar-Proof Your Business

Small businesses are popular targets for burglary, but how can we deter burglars from striking?

Lock the burglar out

A sturdy lock will discourage a timid burglar from entering the business, and at least make a bold one work harder. The pin-cylinder lock gives the best protection since it’s difficult to pick. The lock should be a dead-bolt type that requires either a key or a knob to set it. These kinds of locks can’t be opened by slipping a piece of plastic between the door edge and the side, which is a standard burglar’s technique that works on locks that catch automatically when the door closes.

Double-cylinder dead locks are the ultimate frustration for burglars as they have to be opened by a key from either side, making it difficult for a hidden burglar to get out of the building. In addition to locks, a bar can be used on the rear door, a favourite entry point for burglars. Placing bars over windows, skylights and other openings can also frustrate any unauthorised entrances.

Count the keys

Experts advise that records should be kept on key distribution, and that employees should be required to turn in their keys once they leave the premises. Having a master key or one key for both outside doors and inside offices is convenient, but it makes burglary a simple matter. Coding keys is also a good idea so that only employees know which locks they fit.

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Sound the alarm

Burglar alarms are the most obvious and the most widely used form of burglar protection. Silent central-station alarms provide the best protection to businesses. This type of alarm goes off at a private protection agency or in a local police station, unknown to the burglar who continues working, reassured by the quiet.

The cheaper building-type local alarm system is the loud one that rings out, which works in scaring off the thief before they’ve completed their job.

There are also alarm sensing devices on the market, from radar motion detectors and invisible beams to an automatic phone dialler which efficiently calls the police and the business owner in the case of the break in.

Put burglars in the spotlight

Providing light inside and outside is usually effective. Put light on each entrance point, including windows and large vents. Flooded light will discourage all but the most highly motivated burglar and will force any burglar to work quickly.

Don’t forget the obvious

All of these safety tips can help prevent burglars, but common sense must also be used. For instance, having all the windows barred is useless if an employee is careless with their keys.