How To Choose Quality Transcription Services

4 Things To Check Before You Hire A Pro

Do you need to turn recordings into text? Outsource to a professional transcriptionist you can depend on!

Turning an audio file into meaningful written content can deliver many benefits for your business. Whether your marketing team would like to make sense of the key findings of a focus group discussion, or your legal department needs to analyse a recording of a statement, transcribing that audio into text format is a skill that companies can make use of. In fact, company websites can even improve their organic SEO by transcribing podcasts or YouTube videos into written content for the search engines to crawl.

So, now that you realise your business could likely benefit from transcription services, the question is – who will do the job? Few companies are large enough to have people with the necessary skills and experience, which is why outsourcing is a popular option. If you’re looking to hire a transcription services company, it’s important to bear the following points in mind!

Turnaround Time

Before you hire a freelancer, or professional transcription company, it’s important to make sure you know what you’re signing up for and exactly how long the project is likely to take. Discuss, and even negotiate the turnaround time. This will likely depend on the length of your audio files, along with whether they require a degree of specialism such as medical transcription work.

Some of the best transcriptionists are able to decipher as much as 75 words per minute but be wary of companies that promise ultra-fast speeds. As much as speed is important, it’s also essential that you’re presented with top quality content.

Industry Specific

If you belong to a niche sector and your audio recording contains plenty of industry specific jargon and acronyms that wouldn’t be familiar to most transcriptionists, take care in outsourcing to someone with knowledge of your particular field. For example, legal transcriptionists may specialise in forensic, covert or inquest transcription whereas corporate transcriptionists require detailed knowledge of HR, finance and securities.

Opt for Human Transcribers

When you hire an outsourced company, make sure that they use human transcribers to complete the work rather than a piece of software. Quality transcription services offer an accuracy rate in excess of 99% which no app or program has been able to come close to yet. Human transcribers are excellent at deciphering accents and know when to omit a stammer from the conversation.

Check The Security

Unless you happen to be based around the corner from your chosen firm, you’ll likely rely on the Internet to send audio files and the finished content back and forth. When you’re sending important documents via email or dedicated platform, confidentiality is a major consideration. If your files were intercepted by hackers then not only could you experience a loss of reputation, but you might also be falling short of strict regulations in some industries. A quality transcription service will provide you with your files which should be encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer standard.

Finally, always ask for proof of experience working in your sector before committing to an outsourced transcription company. You’ll be able to tell a transcriptionist who loves their work as they’ll take pride in delivering a perfect, polished project back to you!