How to Prepare Your Garden for Bouncy Castle Parties

How to Prepare Your Garden for Bouncy Castle Parties

As Spring has finally sprung and the weather begins to get warmer, thoughts turn to garden parties and fun in the sun. More and more people are enjoying outdoor activities, including bouncy castles essex, inflatables and paddling pools. So here are some top tips on how to prepare your garden when hiring bouncy castles this summer!


Measure your garden

Bouncy castle equipment varies in size, depending on what bouncy castle you select, so it’s a good idea to give your garden a quick measure – even if you think the space will be big enough. You will be pleasantly surprised at just how big some bouncy castles can be; depending on whether you hire a basic bouncy castle for children, or an interactive one for adults that involves lots of equipment and separate stations.

Clean and tidy the space

Make sure to clean and tidy the garden before the bouncy castle is set to arrive. Stones and sharp objects can be harmful to equipment and of course children’s feet, therefor it’s important to give the garden a once over and remove items like stones, sharp objects and animal mess. Also have a think about where you would like the bouncy castle to go, so you can set aside space tables and chairs that won’t be in the way of the bouncy castle.

Appropriate surfaces

Depending on the company, bouncy castles can be set up on a variety of surfaces, including grass, tarmac and paving, and be set up indoors and outdoors. The majority of bouncy castle companies however choose to set up their bouncy castles on grass only, where it can be securely pegged into the ground for safety.

What to do on the day

On the arrival of the bouncy castle, you will need to create a clear access path for the bouncy castle to come through to get into the garden. Bouncy castles are wheeled to the location on a sack trolley, so ensure at least 3 feet wide space to get through. Tell the company if there are any narrow access ways, awkward routes or lots of steps to the location so they can prepare before arriving.