How to Save When Shipping Across Europe

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container shipInternational Trade is More Important Than Ever. How can You Save Money?

The perilous state of the UK economy, along with concerns over Brexit mean that exporters look closer than ever at European logistics to get the best deal.

The EU referendum result back in June 2016 led many importers and exporters in the UK to wonder how trade links with their European partners might be affected by Brexit.

When added to existing concerns over a poorly performing pound and a general malaise in the economy, it is little wonder that they are looking in all directions to control shipping costs whenever possible.

Fortunately, there are bargains to be had with groupage and part loads to Hungary and numerous other destinations across Europe. Whether you are looking to ship a full load or a single pallet, there are more cost-effective options available than ever before.

Part loads

A part load, also known LCL (Less than Container Load) arises, as the name suggests, when a shipper has a cargo that does not comprise a full container load (FCL).

In this situation, a number of part loads are collected by the shipping line to make up full container loads. The containers are therefore shipped as full loads. The shipping cost is exactly the same as for a full load, and the cost is divided between the shippers according to the size of their particular part.


Groupage consignments are conceptually very similar to part loads. Again, a number of smaller shipments are consolidated into one full truck or container load. However, the key here is that your shipping company can schedule regular groupage shipments to most popular destinations.

By having a regular and predictable schedule, they can make the most of business efficiencies and economies of scale – passing these on to the individual shippers so that everybody comes out a winner.

Groupage is rapidly becoming the method of choice for traders who wants to ship products quickly and at the best possible price. And with shipments going to and from most destinations once or twice a week – it is now easier than ever to ship to Lithuania or Latvia -it really is a no-brainer for both importers and exporters.

Hungary and Beyond

Imports to Hungary hit an all-time high of around £6.75 billion in November 2016, having steadily increased at an average rate of 6.7% over the past eight years. There is no doubt that the country is following in the footsteps of other, more high-profile central and eastern European countries, such as Romania and Poland, as an ever more important trading partner for the UK.

Groupage shipments leave the UK every Tuesday and Friday, and can cover the 1,700 mile distance in a matter of just three days.

However, this is just one of the ever-growing list of European destinations to which Groupage services are available. There are currently shipments at least once a week between the UK and the following:

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Ukraine.

Take a look at the schedule, which gives both shipping days and transit times, to see how your business can benefit from the savings that groupage brings.