How To Survive A Hotel Inspection

Hotel inspector

Make Sure Your Guest Rooms And Communal Areas Are Spotless

Hotel inspections can take place at any time, without warning. Ensure that your guest rooms and communal areas pass muster by prioritising cleanliness. 

A hotel inspection is the ultimate test for a professional accommodation provider. Often, you will have requested the inspection in the hope of inclusion in a prestigious membership organisation such as the Good Hotel Guide or Michelin guide. However, regardless of who initiated the review, hotel inspectors often don’t announce their visit until after they’ve paid their bill. Also, with sites like TripAdvisor becoming more popular, every guest is essentially a hotel inspector!  Therefore, you will want to be certain that your hotel is ready to be scrutinised at any given time.

What Will A Hotel Inspector Be Looking For?

As a hotel owner or manager, you will want to make sure that all areas of your premises are spotless and ready for a thorough examination. This includes hidden spaces such as cupboards or areas that are off limits to hotel guests. Cleanliness is a vital aspect of any hotel inspection and industrial cleaning products are an absolute must. A hotel inspector will need to assess the standards of housekeeping in guest areas such as the bedrooms, bathrooms and communal areas such as dining, bar and lounge areas. A high level of service and excellent cuisine will also be anticipated.

Will Your Guest Rooms Pass Inspection?

Hotel inspector

Essentially, the rooms within your hotel will be assessed on the items that they contain and the level at which they have been maintained. Whilst some guests require little more than a bed, a TV, a chair and a table, many prefer a range of amenities that they will find useful during their stay.

Lamps must be easy to operate and have their bulbs replaced on a regular basis. A small bin should contain a liner which is emptied frequently throughout the guest’s stay. A table would normally contain items such as a pad of paper and pen, a sewing kit, a bottle opener, a hotel directory and a room service menu. If you have a guest TV, then always ensure that the remote control can be easily located and that the batteries are fresh. If the room contains a minibar, it is vital that the pricelist displays the charges clearly and that the fridge is kept at an appropriate temperature. A telephone should be disinfected and in good working order.

In terms of cleanliness, make sure that your housekeeping service pays special attention to all areas of the room. As well as providing fresh bed linen, this also means vacuuming inside the sofa cushions, dusting mirrors and picture frames and always cleaning beneath the bed.

Guest Bathrooms

this hotel bathroom is very cleanAlways make sure that the lock on the bathroom door is operating correctly and isn’t too stiff. Complementary toiletries should be replenished for each guest stay and will typically include soap and a dish, sanitary disposal bags, flannels, as well as mini bottles of shampoo and shower gel. It is vital that you check the shower head to ensure that guests will enjoy a comfortable shower. You must also provide plenty of toilet rolls and tissues.

All areas of the bathroom, including the tiles, flooring, pipes, drains and porcelain appliances must be scrubbed thoroughly on a daily basis with disinfectant.

Hotel cleanliness is something that should be looked at as an ongoing project. If you make it your duty to keep a clean and attractive environment at all times, then you should pass the hotel inspection with flying colours.