How to Take Your Dog to Australia

How to Take Your Dog to Australia

Relocating and arranging pet travel for a big move can seem daunting, complicated and expensive, however many thousands of cats and dogs fly to Australia to start new lives with the families who move there

Bringing your pet is often the final piece in the jigsaw to assist with settling into new lives in Australia. Follow this simple guide on how to take your dog to Australia!


Decide when you want to fly to Australia

There needs to be a certain period of time for a vaccine to work and become effective, so if you’re planning on flying in 18 or more months’ time, you don’t need to do anything. If you’re flying within 7 – 18 months, the rabies vaccines need to begin, and if you’re flying in less than 7 months, then the rabies work needs to begin urgently.

Most pets are not routinely vaccinated against rabies, so in order for your dog to gain access to Australia, they must be vaccinated and then need a rabies blood sample 3-4 weeks later to determine enough anti-bodies were made to keep them safe from picking up rabies.

Apply for an import permit

A UK government vet will need to fill out a Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test (RNATT) declaration. The vet will look at the rabies serology certificate, as well as any rabies vaccination history, and sign and stamp it when they are satisfied.

An import permit is then needed in order to allow your dog access into Australia. The Australian quarantine department will issue the import permit, where you will need to submit your name, address and phone number, dog’s name, date of birth and chip details, and the RNATT certificate.

Visiting the vet

Day 52 – 43 before the flight, a vet needs to examine your dog for ticks and a long-acting anti-tick treatment will be applied.

Day 30 – 22 before the flight date, your dog needs to have blood samples to check they are not carrying any odd diseases. Dogs will be tested for various diseases, and will need another tick treatment and an internal worming treatment.

Final checks

Within 5 days of you flight, your dog needs to be checked to ensure it is fit, healthy and free from any signs of infectious or contagious diseases. Your vet will fill out the UK export paperwork and your dog will have treatment against worms and ticks again.


After your pet flies to Australia and lands in quarantine, the team will collect them from the airport and settle them in.