How To Throw The Ultimate Party

friends drinking at a aprty

friends drinking at a aprtyIt’s Never Too Early To Start Planning The Best Party Of 2017

It’s all in the details – planning, preparation and bar hire are all key to organising the most enjoyable party that 2017 has to offer.

If you have a party to throw in 2017, then it’s never too early to start planning. The key to hosting the ultimate party is always in the preparation and details. It’s also important not to overlook the traditional elements of what makes a party unforgettable.

Location Location Location

You may already have a venue in mind for your party, depending on the type of affair it is. Always consider the space you have set aside for your occasion with care. You will need to factor in the number of guests; never be tempted to go for a room that is too big as it will look empty and boring if it is unfilled.

If your party is an outdoor event, then it is almost impossible to predict our British weather. Be prepared to come up with a backup plan with an alternative indoor space set aside if it’s set to be miserable on your chosen date.

Guest List

A party isn’t a party without guests. So, make a list of potential invitees to your special occasion. You may want to send out an initial ‘save the date’ alert to those who you would really like to come, even if you have yet to confirm all the details. This will give people a heads-up about your bash and will hopefully get them pencilling it into their diaries.

When it comes to sending out invitations, always give people plenty of notice. Take care when selecting the date for your party that it doesn’t clash with something else. If it is a social event, then make a note of the date of other people’s birthdays, weddings or anniversary dos to avoid the disappointment of a split set of guests. If your party is a work occasion, then ensure that it doesn’t take place on the same date as another industry event. You should also avoid public holidays and usually the summer months as half your guests may be on vacation.


You may wish to have a theme for your party to tie all your decorations in together, or alternatively it might be fun for your guests to come in costume. However, the most important consideration is usually music. Nowadays, you don’t necessarily need to hire a DJ but you may want to rent an impressive speaker system for your event. You can compile a playlist of popular tunes, but don’t be too niche in your selection of tracks. Most people just want some recognisable party tracks that they can have a boogie to.

Hosting Responsibilities

Everyone who comes to a party expects to see the host at some point which means that you need to mingle and make sure everyone feels welcomed. Your guests will feel most at ease when they have a drink in their hands so it is a great idea to invest in mobile bar hire so that you have experienced bar staff to manage refreshments for you. It is also worthwhile ordering some easy entertainment nibbles in or getting a caterer to provide you with some finger food.

Above all else, if you have a good time at your own party, then your guests will follow suit, so make sure you enjoy yourself and make your occasion the ultimate event of 2017!