Indoor Winter Team Building Activities

Smoothie making team building

The variety of indoor team building activities available when it’s the wrong time of year to be outside. Including activities based on popular television programmes.

Boost workforce morale and have fun with innovative indoor activities

It’s said a happy workforce is a productive workforce, and one way to achieve this is to foster a good spirit within a group of people who work together. Obviously good working conditions both physically and psychologically will help, but so could work colleagues interacting in different contexts such as in activity days, evenings or maybe the odd weekend.

The winter months are no reason to skip team building; there are plenty of interesting, fun and constructive indoor pursuits ranging from the more physical to the more cerebral.

To put together a rewarding indoor team building experience it could be worth talking to experts who specialise in creating indoor team building events as part of providing a corporate events service. They’ll provide the ideas, the personnel to facilitate activities along with the necessary equipment and materials.

Some examples of indoor activities:

The Apprentice

Based on the popular television series, groups of people work together and exercise their creativity and other related skills – such as the ability to ‘pitch’ a product or idea successfully – to win the task.

The ‘product creation’ can be slanted towards your industry or business sector and can even include activities such as filming an advert using iPad filming equipment.

For example, the teams could be charged with the task of creating a new box of chocolates with the task covering areas such as branding, creating a business plan and developing an advertising and promotional campaign.

iPad filming

This can be done at your office or in another location depending on circumstances.

Using the event organiser’s film making equipment, staff make a film that could cover anything from producing an advertisement for their company, illustrating company objectives, demonstrating the company’s USPs (unique selling propositions) or simply highlighting the benefits of working in whatever town or city the company is based in.

Team members work together fulfilling specific roles (writer, editor, director and so forth) to create a coherent ‘product’ – in this case a short film – and maybe learning new skills such as using film editing equipment and presenting to camera.

Bake Off

Based on the phenomenally successful ‘Great British Bake Off’ this is a chance for staff to demonstrate their culinary skills; even those with no prior experience of baking can soon get involved and work together to create tasty treats.

Each team would be given a recipe, a mini cooking station and other equipment and helped on their way by experts provided by the events company.

It could be competitive with prizes for the winning team or made into a collaborative event where the fun is in creating something which, for some, would be out of their comfort zone if they’re not much into cooking or baking. At the end each team share their culinary results with their colleagues.

Smoothie creation

Perhaps a cross between ‘The Apprentice’ inspired activity and ‘Bake Off,’ this activity sees teams create a new smoothie followed by a presentation on how they would launch it to their target market and showing their smoothie’s unique attributes.

Various roles will be filled by team members such as product design, pitching skills and the ability to make a tasty smoothie from the fruits provided.

X Factor

A popular choice and of course based on the television show.

It’s not just a bit of karaoke though; each team will be taught proper moves by a choreographer provided by the events company using some props provided and pre chosen music tracks.

After some absorbing but intensive rehearsing, each team performs their song and dance creation before the panel of judges. Along with being a lot of fun, it helps people loosen up and relax with one another, lowers barriers, and gets people out of their comfort zones – although there will likely be some who are in their element from the off.

Crystal Maze

Again inspired by a television show, this is a great way of staff experiencing an enjoyable activity with a clear objective. The idea is to collect enough crystals so as to spend as much time as possible in the ‘dome’ at the end where they then collect as many gold tickets as they can; the team with the most wins.

It’s key for teams to work together during the process and deploy various skills such as clear communication, time management, problem solving and more.

Game show ‘mash up’

Something of a medley of various popular television game shows such as ‘Mastermind,’ ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks,’ ‘The Generation Game’ and many more.

Each round features an activity based on a popular game show featuring entire teams or one or two individuals from a team. This activity is popular and a lot of fun, and will certainly get people interacting and out of their comfort zones.

Many more…

Being indoors need not be a barrier to undertaking varied team building activities. There are many more to choose from; following the food-related product creation and marketing theme, smoothies could be replaced by chocolates or cocktails, and the Crystal Maze option could be replaced by an indoor treasure hunt.

X Factor style games include the ‘boom whacker’ game where teams are given oddball instruments that can only produce one note and they have to come up with a coherent tune.

Team building is an important part of getting the best out of staff. A good corporate events company and can ensure your indoor team building is enjoyed by all and helps enhance your staff’s effectiveness.