Keeping Your Home Warm This Autumn

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Why You Should Invest In A Tubular Heater

Heating your home when the weather is a little unpredictable can be tough, but a tubular heater is the ideal solution.

Autumn is well and truly upon us now, and the temperature is becoming noticeably cooler. It’s tempting to switch on the central heating, but sometimes it’s just not quite cold enough to heat the whole house. If you want a heating solution that offers you the best of both worlds, then you should consider investing in a tubular heater. You might not have even heard of them before, but once you’ve given one a try in your home, you’ll soon be converted. Cheap to run and powerful enough to heat an entire room, they’re the perfect option for right now when the weather is at its most temperamental.

About tubular heaters

Your first question is probably ‘what exactly is a tube heater?’. They’re a great alternative to more well known heating methods, and they’re not a new invention either! They began to gain popularity in the years following the second world war, when people who were still feeling the pinch were looking for ways to heat their homes cheaply. Unlike central heating, a tube heater’s heat is generated at the precise point where it is needed. This has made it popular for industrial use, but it’s also super-effective in a domestic setting too.


One of the most appealing things about a tubular heater is the amount of money it can save you. Tubular heaters are really cheap to run, with costs of around half a pence per hour depending on your energy charge. That’s going to translate into an astonishing reduction in your heating costs if you use tubular heaters instead of turning on your central heating this autumn. Tubular heaters are available in a wide range of wattages, from 60W to 360W. They come in different sizes too, and thanks to their slimline shape they can be used to heat spaces like loft conversions where there isn’t a lot of wall space. If you buy your tubular heaters from a trusted manufacturer, they’ll be able to tell you which one is best suited to your home and your needs.

Keeps condensation at bay

Getting a good night’s sleep is important, but it can be tricky to nod off when the temperature is too high. That’s where your new tubular heater will come in. They are extremely effective in reducing condensation in bedrooms at night, but won’t make the room unbearably hot. As you’re only warming up select parts of your home, lots of heat won’t be circulating around the house. The result? You’ll be able to tailor your heating to your specific tolerance. You’ll never have a hot and sweaty sleepless night again this autumn!

The perfect addition to your home this autumn

There’s never been a better time than now to sort out the heating in your home, especially if you’re dealing with the daily dilemma of switching the central heating on or not. Tubular heaters are quick to install, and you can have one up and running in no time at all. When you factor in the fact that it’s cheap to run and reduces condensation in your home too, it’s a no-brainier. So why not invest in one today?