Outsource Your Transcription Needs To Save Money During The Pandemic

4 Reasons To Trial Transcription Specialists

Save money on your transcription projects by sending audio files to outsourced professionals.

Transcription services are valuable for companies, offering effective ways to improve accessibility, marketing and even SEO. If you’re looking for a way to attract more people to engage with your brand, then transcribing audio notes into meaningful written content can have a tremendous impact. However, transcription is not a simple skill to learn, and will need to be carried out by a trained professional to be a cost-effective option for your company. If you’ve considered delegating your transcription tasks in-house, here’s why outsourcing may be a better option for you.

Save Money

Top of the list for most companies is the opportunity to save money, and never has this been more important than during the Covid-19 pandemic. Outsourcing to a UK transcription provider will be more affordable than relying on in-house staff to carry out the same work. Many companies are choosing to switch to an outsourced model on an ongoing basis in a bid to cut costs and focus purely on paying for the services they need. This provides companies with added flexibility whilst saving cash at the same time.

Experience of Transcribers

Unless you generate such a volume of transcription work to warrant hiring a full-time employee, then you’ll likely need to rely on one of your most able admin team to transcribe your audio files as part of their duties. The problem with this approach is that they may not have the necessary experience, meaning that it could take twice as long for the project to be completed, therefore costing your company … you guessed it… more money. You may wish to invest in transcription training for your employee to speed up the process and produce a more professional output. However, the problem with this approach, is that if your employee chooses to leave your company, then your investment in their training goes with them.

Remote Setup

Depending on how your office is currently operating, you may have switched to a remote working model. The great thing about outsourcing your transcription work is that they’re already set up for telecommuting. They have all the skills and professionalism to provide a polished job for you remotely. Additionally, they’ll have their own existing transcription software and security protocols in place, so you won’t need to shell out for any specialist apps or subscriptions.

Transcribers with Specialisms

If you work in a sector such as legal or medical, then you may be concerned that an outsourced transcriber won’t have the necessary professional knowledge to transcribe your audio into content that reads well. You can be assured that reputable transcribers in the market tend to pick specialisms which they’re experts in. They have extensive experience of all the jargon you may use in your line of work, and if they do come across a term or acronym that they’re unsure of, they also possess rapid research skills. Transcription specialists are trained to produce copy that is error-free and reads fluently no matter what industry you’re operating in.

If you’re still in two minds about using a transcription service for your next project, the best thing to do is conduct a trial by sending a small audio file to your outsourced professional of choice. You’ll be amazed at the results!