Preparing For A Property Valuation

What To Do Before An Estate Agent Visits Your Home

If you’re thinking about selling up, the first step is to contact an estate agent. What should you do in advance of their visit?

Since the end of the Covid-19 lockdown, the demand for UK properties has soared. With the introduction of a stamp duty holiday, and record low interest rates, homeowners across the nation are tempted by the prospect of an affordable move to pastures new. If you’re interested in selling your home, and buying another to take advantage of the stamp duty break, then your first job will be to arrange a property valuation of your existing accommodation. Here’s how you should prepare in advance of an estate agent visiting your home.

Choosing The Right Agents

It’s typically worthwhile to receive two to three valuations from estate agents in your local area, to give you a broad comparison of what your home may be worth. It’s important to remember that the highest valuation may not always be the most accurate, which is why you should do your own homework in advance of the meeting at your property. Check out the sold prices of similar homes in your area, as well as the selection of housing stock currently on the market. If the valuation you receive is wildly dissimilar to the figures you’ve researched, then you’ll be able to ask intelligent questions to your estate agents of choice.

Covid Prepare Your Home

Before you welcome an estate agent into your home, make sure you’re aware of their Covid regulations. At the moment, it’s usual for a property valuer to be wearing a face mask and gloves. However, they may ask you to take extra steps such as opening the windows and doors to air the property, or limiting the number of people at home during the meeting.

Tidying and Decluttering

Professional estate agents in Romford explain that any property valuation expert should be able to see beyond the mess of kids toys, or any piles of laundry you’ve not been able to tackle in order to come up with an accurate valuation price. But it doesn’t hurt to give them a helping hand by thoroughly decluttering and tidying your house in advance of your valuation appointment. You’ll need to carry out a thorough spring clean of your home prior to any property viewings anyway, so it makes sense to get started early. By paring down your clutter, this also gives you a chance to assess exactly what you’re looking for in your next home, and how much budget you’ll need to dedicate to new furnishings.

Natural Light

Potential buyers love natural light – it can be a major selling feature of a home, and it’s good for your health too! So, make sure you throw open the blinds and curtains to let those rays in. If there are any dark spots in your home, turn the lights on for your property valuation appointment. You can also add charming lamps to illuminate any dismal corners that need brightening up.

Arrange Your Furniture To Maximise Space

If you use space poorly within a room, unfortunately this can make a room feel much smaller than it really is. Your property valuation team may not take accurate measurements of the rooms in your home at this initial appointment, so you’ll need to rely on the clever placement of your belongings to help them see the potential layout.

Finally, if there are any obvious repairs that need attending to, then make these fixes before the valuation appointment. Anything more significant can be discussed with your estate agent to see whether the cost of renovations would be reflected in your sale price.