Real Fur Gilets Are Perfect for the School Run

Real Fur Gilets Are Perfect for the School Run

Be the envy of the playground with a stylish and practical fur gilet

With mums feeling the pressure to look good on the school run, a fur gilet is the perfect solution, offering practicality, versatility and oodles of style.

Doing the school run can be a stressful experience – from getting the kids out of the door to finding an elusive parking space, there are multiple challenges for mums and dads to navigate. But while getting the children into school on time with all the right items may seem like an achievement in itself, mums are also under additional pressure to look perfectly pulled together.

This pressure can be partly attributed to the rise in celebrity and Instagram culture, and a growing number of mums are paying increased attention what they wear and how they look when taking their children to school. Google searches for ‘what mums should wear back to school’ have risen by 40%, and research has shown that almost half of UK mothers think that their school run outfit is important.

However, while you may want to look your best for the school run, we know that time is at a premium in the morning, so if you’re feeling the pressure, we’ve got the answer in the shape of a stylish real fur gilet.

Luxury and elegance

As well as keeping you toasty on those cold winter mornings, a fur gilet also offers a real touch of comfort and luxury. Fur clothing has a timeless elegance that offers the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, whether you’ve been planning it for weeks, or just picked it up from your bedroom floor that morning. It’s also bang on trend at the moment with a number of celebrities and style icons showing off their fur clothing on social media.

Practical benefits

Fur gilets also have their practical benefits. As we’ve already mentioned, the school run can be somewhat of a manic experience; you’re pretty much always in a rush, you have to carry all manner of things, from water bottles, to lunchboxes and sports kits, and if you have younger ones you may even be pushing a pram or buggy. With so much going on, the last thing you want is to be restricted by a bulky winter coat. A fur gilet keeps you warm and cosy while leaving your arms free for all those metaphorical plates you’re spinning! And, if you go for a gilet with pockets, you’ll have extra space to stash your phone, keys and other essential items.

Versatile styling

Another key benefit of the fur gilet is its versatility. Fur gilets come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours, so you’re sure to find something that’s compatible with your personal style. Opt for stylish practicality with a short waist-length bodywarmer, or up the drama with an ankle length sleeveless jacket. The colour you choose can also make an impact; go classic in neutrals, or choose a brighter shade for a gilet that attracts attention for all the right reasons. Fur gilets also look great with pretty much anything. So whether you’re a skinny jeans and vans kind of mum, or a mother who prefers smart suits and killer heels, a fur gilet is sure to complete your look.

Practical, elegant and, above all stylish, a real fur gilet will help you to look polished and pulled together with minimum effort, giving you one less thing to worry about and ensuring that you emerge victorious in the school gate style battles.