Smart Secure Lockers Provide Improved Working Environments

Smart Secure Lockers Provide Improved Working Environments

Boost staff satisfaction and productivity with smart storage solutions

Installing smart storage lockers can improve your working environment, increase security, boost productivity and raise staff morale.

The way in which we work is changing. More and more companies are rejecting traditional office set-ups and embracing agile working practices such as hot desking. The idea behind this new style of working is that it encourages communication and collaboration throughout the organisation, as well as helping the company to save money.

However, employees are not always totally on board with the changes required, with common complaints centring around a lack of personal space in which to store their belongings. Smart storage lockers offer the perfect solution to this problem and bring a number of tangible benefits to the modern working environment.

More security

One of the key benefits of installing smart storage lockers is the additional security and peace of mind they offer to employees. With features such as card access, data and usage tracking and even intruder alarms, smart locker systems offer a much higher level of security than traditional lockers. This enables your employees to concentrate on their work rather than worrying about the safety of their belongings. As well as being used in agile offices the security provided by lockers also means that they work really well in environments such as call centres where people don’t have their own personal desk, or for companies who employ a lot of temporary seasonal staff.

Increase productivity

Storage lockers can also have a positive impact on the physical appearance of your working environment. Providing workers with somewhere secure to store their belongings means that the main office space remains relatively free of mess and clutter. This helps your company to project a professional image to any visitors and, according to some studies, a clutter-free workspace can even help to increase focus and productivity as people are less likely to become distracted by objects cluttering up their desk.

Additional features

As well as providing people with somewhere to store their personal belongings, smart storage lockers can also offer additional benefits to employees. For example, lockers can also be used as electronic collection points for online deliveries. More and more of us are choosing to shop online, but receiving those deliveries is not always easy, particularly if you work full time. Access to personal pick up points helps resolve this problem, enabling employees to collect their goods at a time and place convenient to them and helping to create a better work-life balance. People value convenience, and making their lives easier with electronic collection points can go a long way to improving staff satisfaction levels.

Feeling valued

We all want to feel valued in our jobs, and investing in new furniture and storage for the office is a great way of investing in your employees. Showing that you have spent time and money on improving your workspace can go a long way towards making your staff feel that they are valued by the company, and happy employees tend to be more productive employees. Even better, satisfied employees tend to stay with their company, helping you to cut down on recruitment and retention costs.

A word of caution though; in order to make employees feel valued, it’s important to involve them in the process. Asking for their input will help you to decide on the right size, style and location for your storage lockers, ensuring that everyone is satisfied with the result.