The Advantages of PVC Banners

The Advantages of PVC Banners

Of every type of marketing and advertising you can possibly think of, printed PVC banners probably won’t come to mind first or strike you as the most exciting forms of marketing and advertising. A banner doesn’t have the mass audience of TV, the intimacy of radio, or the interactivity of online.

Although PVC banners don’t have these qualities, they do come with some unique advantages however that make them one of the most desirable and widely used marketing methods around, not forgetting how cheap and incredibly effective they can be.


Flexible yet solid material

PVC is a type of plastic that can be applied across a material. In the case of banners, polyester can be coated or laminated with PVC, delivering a glossy, professional finish with reinforced material underneath to withstand the weather; This makes it the perfect choice for a banner.


PVC banners are used in a variety of industries and for a variety of reasons. Most commonly they are used to promote time-limited deals at major supermarkets, boot fairs, charity fundraising events and much more. PVC banners can also be used as flags, hung from parts of a building or launched on a scale that transforms an entire premise into a gigantic advert.

Durable and weather proof

The most common uses of PVC banners are for the outdoors, which means the biggest threat to its lifespan is the weather. Any PVC banner will be less prone to tears around the eyelets than paper and will protect your design against adverse weather conditions. There are two speciality types of banner available to protect against specific conditions, including PVC vinyl which holds up to all weather and strength winds and PVC mesh banners that minimise wind resistance by creating tiny holes in the material for air to pass through.

Whatever the climate, a PVC banner continues to look great!

High impact advertising

PVC banners attract attention, inform prospects and convert them into customers. Banners are perhaps the most time-tested form of advertising in the world – they don’t just work, they get exceptional results each and every time.

If your banner is displayed outside your place of work, or at the location of your event, you can be certain that the people who see it will take action. This could be walking into your office for more details or coming along to an event on the right date.


Finally, PVC banners are a cost-effective way of advertising and marketing. That’s why even the smallest businesses, such as one-off event promoters and charities, continue to use banners every single day.



With the right design, a PBV banner is an efficient, effective way of connecting with people to get them to listen to what you or your business have to say.