Understanding The Current Mindset of Software Developers

Attracting and Retaining The Best Tech Talent

Are you struggling to attract great software developers for your organisation? Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate what the best developers are looking for from you!

Software developer vacancies are on the rise, with 59,000 jobs being posted for this type of work in Q3 of 2019. According to the IT trade association CompTia, IT roles in the third quarter represented a 19% increase in comparison to previous quarters this year. With such competition to hire the best software developer talent out there, recruiters need to understand the type of candidates that are available, identify what they need from them, and then work out how to attract them into a software development role.

Software Developers In Demand

As the world becomes more digital, most companies have some sort of a need for software development. Whether you’re making a product or providing a service to customers, you’ll likely need to depend on technology to deliver innovative results, particularly if you’re involved in eCommerce or the creation of a mobile app for your organisation. Custom software development is more in demand than ever before and professionals are required that have a deep understanding of basic web technologies such as JavaScript alongside more trendy programming languages such as Rust.

Making Positive Change

The average age of software developers is 32 years old, which puts them firmly in the millennial category. Alongside millennials in other industries, software developers are increasingly looking to make a positive change in the tasks that they perform. It’s not necessarily that they want to save the world, but rather they want their work to have a strong impact and influence positive change. European employment research conducted by Monster has revealed that millennials consider job satisfaction to be far more important to them than pay or hours spent in the office. In particular, 83% of millennials would prefer an employer with the same values as them, 80% want to work somewhere they can make a difference and 70% are looking for a role in an organisation with a significant social and environmental conscience.

Wide Choice of Roles

Today’s top calibre software developer graduates often have a number of job offers to choose from, with a wide range of salaries and attractive benefits packages up for grabs. Increasingly though, graduates are interested not in remuneration and bonuses, but rather the opportunities that are available within the company. They value the chance to be part of an exciting, dynamic team where their ideas can be heard and potentially make a difference. Candidates also want to know that there is a decent career path open to them in an organisation with training available and inhouse promotions. Around 58% of millennials are already considering their next job move, with 26% expected to jump ship in the next six months, so employers who wish to retain talented software developers need to understand exactly what makes them tick.

If you’re struggling to attract or retain the UK’s top tech talent, then it’s time to start looking honestly at what you’re offering them. Remember that an interview with a candidate is as much about you selling your company to them, as it is about checking that they would be a great fit for the role!