Where to Get A Bespoke Engagement Ring Made in Essex

Where to Get A Bespoke Engagement Ring Made in Essex

Choosing an engagement ring is an important moment for every couple.

And for many, the task of finding a design with enough personality, relevance and style means going for something bespoke. But where do you begin?

While many of the established jewellery houses offer a bespoke service, it’s important to find a local branch that understands your needs and specialises in bespoke jewellery so that the process is simple and stress-free.

Look no further than Michael Frank Jewellers; the super talented Essex-based bespoke jewellery boutique. The in-house craftsmanship and creativity provides clients with bespoke jewellery which reflects their personality and ensures heirlooms for future generations.

So what is the process of creating a bespoke engagement ring?


Private consultation

The process begins with a private consultation for the bespoke design in a showroom, where state of the art 3D technology will be used to bring clients passions to life on screen. This innovative new system is only available at select jewellery stores across the country and has become the newest trend in bespoke jewellery design.

The client will be able to see their design come to life and be able to choose from a selection of diamonds and precious stone in-house.

Design approval

Once the client has chosen the design of the ring and the diamond or precious stone to take centre stage, the jewellers will work closely with the client to finalise and approve the design. The ring size, band width, setting type, choice of metal and any other points that require discussing will be agreed, and some bespoke jewellers even provide clients with a sketch of the design.

Creation and delivery

Jewellery items take hours of work, from the meticulous positioning of each diamond and coloured gemstone to the creation of the ring. Clients should expect to wait a maximum of 6 weeks for completion of a hand-made piece of jewellery.