Get Rid of Damp in Your Home For Good

There are many problems that cause concern for property owners some of which are quick and easy to fix. However, some are unfortunately more serious and can be a costly or timely problem, usually requiring the attention, advice and intervention from specialist tradesman.

Damp problems are amongst the most common type of property problems that can at first sight appear minimal and are easy to ignore.  However, if problems with damp are left unaddressed for a length of time then you are risking more long-term problems to your property.  The one sure way and a good place to start to eradicate damp for good, treat any other associated issues and importantly stop the source of the damp problem itself is with the help of a damp-proof specialist.

The very nature of damp means that it thrives in dark out of sight place and unless it is stopped it will continue to spread, and you may only become aware of problems when the damage has really taken hold.

But different treatments are required for different problems. For example, most people are familiar with the term damp proof course injection as a method to treat rising damp, but it is only a solution that will work in certain scenarios; a damp proof course will have little effect if water is entering the property though a leaking pipe and that leak is not fixed.  Advice from a specialist damp proofing company is important.

Similarly, deciding how to treat dry rot, wet rot and repairing decayed timbers, also needs a specialist approach.  Dry rot has the ability to spread and woodworm has the ability to lay dormant and so without the correct approach there is a risk of these problems re-occuring. Replacing timbers using methods such as timber resin repair and treating woodworm with the correct fungicidal spray, timber pastes or dual-purpose fungicides is imperative for long term protection and property preservation.

The advice is to act on damp problems immediately to avoid the problems it can cause such as bubbling plaster, tide marks on walls, dry rot, wet rot and woodworm.  All of these are highly destructive if they get a hold of the structure of your property. Based in the South of England?  Then take a look at damp proofing Kent as there are damp proofing specialists on hand who can offer the advice you require and take you on the right path to get rid of damp problems for good.