Are Bouncy Castles and Ball Pits Genuine Fun or Just Desperate Nostalgia?

Are Bouncy Castles and Ball Pits Genuine Fun or Just Desperate Nostalgia

Playgrounds, indoor trampoline parks and ball pits are popping up across Britain in a bid for grownups to relive the joy of their childhood. But what’s the sudden raging desire for millennials to relive their past?

Adults reliving their childhood


Bouncy castle essex services have become increasingly popular in recent months, not only with children but for adults too. They provide hours of entertainment and fun for all, from inflatable assault courses to mega slides, interactive centres to traditional bouncy castles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Bouncy castles are easy and straightforward to book, with little effort required in setting them up (or taking them down) as this is all done for you.

But adults are looking for something a little more exciting to occupy them, with indoor bouncy-castle obstacle courses, such as Jump Street, being just one example of the many kids’ activities that are now being marketed to grown men and women.

Adult playgrounds in parks, supersized ball pools and laser tag are increasingly popular activities for adults to take part in, and the leisure trend for ‘act your shoe size not your age’ is slowly but surely taking over.

Bouncy castles and ball pits join the trend of brightly coloured iPhone games, scooters and onesies; where two men have successfully launched a cereal-only café and the adult colouring book trend has taken off.

Embrace the trend


A recent psychology study by the university of Southampton suggests that today’s adults are consumed by a raging desire to revisit their past. What is certain is that nostalgic events are bombarding the events industry and the internet every day; whether it be a new pop up event in London to attend or memories popping up on Facebook.

But can revisiting nostalgic events and memories be a good thing? Of course! More and more people are embracing the trend as it makes them feel more socially connected with friends and it’s a form of enjoying night out with a game or physical activity to complete.

Adults are regularly swapping boozy nights out for something fun, fulfilling and nostalgic to do – will you be enjoying this trend too?