The Benefits of Pilates For Your Mental Health

4 key ways Pilates can benefit your emotional and mental wellbeing Taking up Pilates can help to improve your mood, relieve stress, increase your confidence and boost your brain power. We all know that Pilates offers a number of physical benefits – from improved flexibility and posture, to weight loss, and increased strength and muscle tone – but did you […]

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The Tell-Tale Signs of Policeman’s Heel

If you’re experiencing ongoing pain in the heel of your foot, chances are you’ve developed a condition called plantar fasciitis, which is more commonly known as Policeman’s Heel. The ailment affects the plantar fascia, the long, thin ligament that runs all the way from your toes to your heel. The plantar fascia can become damaged and worn over time, causing […]

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How To Safely Whiten Your Teeth

Selecting The Only Safe Treatment Route To Enhance Your Smile Teeth whitening is enjoying a surge in popularity, but it’s important to have the treatment carried out safely for the sake of your oral health. The pressure to look good is certainly apparent in 2019. Whether it be due to social media influencers, an interest in reality TV stars, or […]

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Gifts For Travellers

traveller on the road with map and suitcase

Ideas for Those Who Love To Explore Whether you’re looking for a practical, thoughtful, ethical or nostalgic gift, there are some great ideas here to suit all types of explorers. Google has reported a 150% increase in travel-related searches for terms including ‘tonight’ or ‘today’ in comparison to data collected two years previously. Our love of travel knows no bounds; […]

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