How Remote Team Building Events Can Benefit Your Workplace

The benefits of remote team building exercises

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way so many of us work with a huge rise in those working remotely out of home offices. This was unexpected by everyone, but many have welcomed remote working appreciating the advantages it brings like no commute and more free time. We expect employers to keep some kind of remote working in place even when everything returns to normal due to the benefits for them and their employees.

There are some disadvantages of remote working, with one being the lack of team spirit due to team members being miles apart. It’s still important to encourage a feeling of togetherness among your employees and virtual team building events are a great way to do this. Here’s what they can do for your team…

Combat loneliness

Being alone in your house sitting behind a computer screen can be a very lonely way to work – especially if you’re used to being in a busy office and working closely with others. It would be good to check in with them often but doing some team building exercises will help your staff feel connected.

Inject some team morale

It’s always good to take a break from the regular schedule of emails, admin and other normal work duties to have a little bit of light-hearted fun with colleagues. It’s amazing what a bit of time away from the (virtual) workplace can do for team morale.

Improve communication

Getting your team to work together under the fun circumstances of team building events is a fantastic way to nurture their communication skills. The way they interact and listen to each other effects their performance in the team building games and in real life work scenarios. They’ll learn how to take a collaborative approach to problem solving and hitting goals by using good communication skills during the team building games.

Increase productivity

Once your team learns how to work effectively together during the team building event, they can apply this to real-life work scenarios to improve their team work and increase their productivity.

Encourage bonding between employees

Team building events promote good relationships between people as they have to effectively work together to get good results/ win the task. This can particularly aid groups of employees who don’t necessarily work together often or don’t know each other.

Reveals employee’s strengths

Exercises for team building can be a fantastic way to learn about your employees. Observing them perform a variety of tasks can enlighten you to strengths you didn’t know they have; maybe they’re a quick problem solver or show strong leadership qualities. If you discover a hidden talent then you can make the most of that when back at work.

 Organising remote team building events are a great way to bring your employees together, improve their ability to perform as a strong team and ultimately benefit your business.