Bespoke Designed Jewellery Is the Most Personal Gift

Bespoke Designed Jewellery Is the Most Personal Gift

Why A Little Extra Thought Goes A Long Way

If you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, find out how and why your recipient will appreciate their jewellery to be one-of-a-kind.

Jewellery has been worn for thousands of years – in fact, the earliest finding of a necklace, which was made from fish bones, dates back 25,000 years. People of all ages, gender, and ethnicities wear jewellery which is what makes it the perfect gift. Not only is it beautiful, and often timeless, quality jewellery lasts a lifetime. If you build up a collection of favourite jewellery items, then you may have some which you’re happy to wear every day, whereas others can be brought out for special occasions. Those who are looking to add to someone’s personal jewellery collection, can read on to find out how and why a bespoke design is the best choice you can make.


There’s nothing quite like receiving a stunning piece of jewellery from a loved one and realising that it’s a one-of-a-kind that has been made especially for you. If you receive a piece of jewellery from a high street chain, even though it may be beautiful, there’s something unsettling about the idea that there are thousands of replicas of your ring or necklace, in circulation. It doesn’t have that ‘special’ quality that is a given when you receive a customised piece of jewellery.

The idea that a loved one has dedicated time and put so much extra thought into creating a bespoke jewellery design, just for you, is incredibly romantic.

The Bespoke Design Process

Yet, as complex as you may be worried that this process is, it’s surprisingly straightforward so long as you visit a quality independent jeweller to assist you.

You’ll begin by attending a consultation appointment which lasts around one hour in total, during which your designer will listen to your ideas and will get an idea of your general budget. Although it might sound like an expensive option, bespoke jewellery doesn’t need to be at all. The design team will work within your budget and suggest a range of options to suit you.

The Latest Technology

3d technology is one of the most current trends in jewellery design. You’ll describe the look that you’re interested in, and work with the designer on picking out some quality stones to create your piece. They will then transform your ideas and selections using the 3d tech, so that you’re able to see a clear on-screen visual of what you’re going for. This can be tailored limitlessly until you’re happy with your finished design.

At the end of your appointment, there’s no obligation to proceed with your design if you’re not ready to commit. Alternatively, you can go ahead with the order and add some extras such as engraving to make your final design even more sentimental.

The first step in your bespoke jewellery design journey should be to book a free consultation. Then do a little research about what sort of look you’re going for – think about the recipient’s personality, colouring and preferences. Armed with a little bit of information, you’ll be all set for your designer to create an exquisite one-of-a-kind piece for you to give to your loved one.