What Does the EcoDesign Lot 20 Legislation Mean?

What Does the EcoDesign Lot 20 Legislation Mean

From the 1st January 2018, the largest upheaval in the electric heating industry will happen for the first time in decades. There will be new energy efficient regulations coming into play which will change the landscape of available products and manufacturers. As part of the Lot 20 legislation, all space heaters for sale in the EU will need to adhere […]

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What Are The Biggest Public Liability Payouts?

in a wheelchair following an acciident

Compensation Claims are Becoming Increasingly Common – and Costly While the USA remains the lawsuit capital of the world, the litigation culture is becoming increasingly common worldwide. And the amounts claimed get ever higher. From no-win no fee lawyers advertising on billboards to Judge Judy attracting a Hollywood salary, we all know that a good lawsuit has become part of […]

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Businesses Urged to Audit Fire Safety Equipment

Fire stars

Fire Authorities remind businesses that fire safety is their responsibility Cambridge and Peterborough is one of a number of fire authorities urging businesses to carry out regular checks – or face the consequences. Fire authorities across the UK are reminding businesses of their responsibilities under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to ensure that their properties meet essential safety […]

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