Can Children Wear Invisalign Braces?

What Age Can You Wear Transparent Aligners From?

Children are favouring discreet Invisalign treatments over metal braces. But how old must you be to get started on achieving a brand-new smile?

Invisalign treatment has transformed the adult braces market, allowing those who never straightened their teeth in childhood to revamp their personal image a little later than expected. Offered a discreet alternative to wearing metal braces, Invisalign promises incredible results without making you feel self-conscious. But now that kids are seeing the results of their parents’ alignment, they’re becoming interested in seeking Invisalign treatment too.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Allowing you to gradually rotate, move or straighten your teeth, Invisalign trays aren’t actually a set of braces. Instead, they’re a clear set of aligners that you stick to the front of your teeth. Your transparent aligners will be customised specifically to you, so that after an initial consultation, your Invisalign Essex professional will create your bespoke treatment plan. You’ll need to wear a series of different Invisalign sets over the course of a few months, and switch to the next tray as you progress through the plan. Typically, you’ll move along to the next set every couple of weeks, in the order that has been specified. Each new set of aligners will gradually, yet comfortably move your teeth along until they finally shift into the desired position. By the end of the treatment, you’ll have achieved a beautiful new smile which will boost your confidence no end.

Children Prefer Invisalign To Metal

In comparison, it will come as no surprise that children, and their parents, can shy away from wearing traditional metal braces for several reasons. Not only can they look quite obvious, which can cause social problems, but metal braces are also notoriously uncomfortable. The wires and brackets can feel quite out of place in the mouth, which can ultimately cause a little pain as the wearer gets used to the feeling and position of the retainer. Instead, Invisalign trays aren’t at all cumbersome – they simply fit to the front of the teeth and there aren’t any wires involved. As they’re entirely invisible, few people will even be aware that you’re wearing them, which is great when you’re posing for selfies to pop on social media. 

When Can Children Start Using Invisalign?

Although some orthodontists may begin using Invisalign on children as young as six years old, in most cases you’ll need to wait until the entire adult set of teeth have grown through. The best results with Invisalign can be achieved in older teens and upwards, due to their teeth and jaws which are still growing. It’s also worth noting that Invisalign treatment does come with a degree of responsibility which may be lacking in younger children. Remembering to take your aligners out before every meal or snack is a must, and your aligners should be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day in order to be effective. You’ll also need to follow strict instructions to clean and maintain your aligners. If your child or teen has a habit of being forgetful, then this may not be the right time to commit to Invisalign. However, if they’re responsible and within the ideal age range, then why not get in touch with a reputable Invisalign provider for further info? Book that initial smile consultation today.