How To Create Natural Wedding Photos

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Why I Choose Natural Moments Over Formal Posed Shots

Top tips to help you create truly memorable photos. Try to steer clear of stiff poses and stick with creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere with truly intimate moments.

Wedding photography has come a long way since the forced studio poses that were synonymous with the styles of the 80s and 90s. Recent trends are focused on showcasing the natural romance between the happy couple and the informal and intimate atmosphere created by the wedding party. Of course, it’s one thing to feel this vibe on the day and quite another to capture the best moments on camera. Here are some tips to ensure that your wedding photos are memorable for all the right reasons.

The Importance Of Relaxation

Unfortunately, many couples feel the stress and pressure of the occasion and this can show across their faces. Whether they’re worried about their families getting along, or the content of the best man’s speech, it can be tricky to get the happy couple to relax. One excellent tactic is to give them a moment together away from the chore of posing for the camera. Find a gorgeous backdrop and tell them to walk away for a couple of minutes and discuss what they’re going to do on their honeymoon. They should then turn around and walk back towards the wedding photographer. The casual conversation between bride and groom and the fact that they’re at a comfortable distance from the lens ensures that a genuine moment can be caught.

Looking At Your Shoes

While eye contact is great, so too are eyes that are coquettishly avoiding the camera. A fantastic pose for the bride is to have her look at her shoes or the bottom of her dress. An over the shoulder shot of her looking at the back of her dress is very pretty too. The results look incredibly sophisticated and are great for showing off wedding day eye-makeup such as lashes without feeling posed.

Encourage Entertainment

If you want the wedding party to liven up, then just tell them to have fun. If they’re struggling to get into the spirit, perhaps because they’re not big on having their photo taken, then there are some great tricks you can use to put a smile on everyone’s face. For the men, give the best man and ushers permission to mess with the groom – whether they’re ruffling his hair, pinching his bum or telling jokes about the stag do, this is guaranteed to get everyone in a great mood and create a fantastic bonding shot.

A picture with the bride and her bridesmaids is all about closeness. Make sure that everyone is standing close enough to be touching, which creates an intimate group shot. You can also encourage the ladies to wink at the camera, play a bit of air guitar or kick their legs up doing the can-can – anything with a bit of personality is bound to get everyone in giggles and create the most natural of moments.

The best wedding photos are those that let the bride and groom express who they really are, amongst family and friends who they love. So, try and avoid the formal posing and have fun with your nearest and dearest to ensure the most memorable photos that will last a lifetime.