Four Awesome Single Storey Extensions

kitchen extension

Add Value To Your Home And Create Extra Living Space If you’re looking for additional room in your home, then consider a single storey extension to be used in one of these four inspiring ways. The average cost of moving house has risen by 59% in the past decade and now stands at over £12,000 … [Read more…]

Making Tax Digital: Excel Imports Will Be Supported

excel spreadsheet accounts

HMRC Confirms That Businesses Can Still Use Spreadsheets under MTD Following the latest consultation on Making Tax Digital, it has been confirmed that spreadsheets can still be used, as long as they meet HMRC requirements. The Government announced its £1.3 billion initiative on making tax digital in the 2015 budget, a programme that would revolutionise … [Read more…]

Hack Proof Computers Coming Soon

anonymous hacker

Will new discoveries in quantum computing spell the end for hackers? Researchers at Ottawa University play hackers at their own game to develop hack-proof quantum computing networks. Computer hackers are a huge headache for businesses and individuals alike, causing damage to computers and networks, stealing sensitive data, breaching privacy, and costing companies money, time and … [Read more…]

What Are The Biggest Public Liability Payouts?

in a wheelchair following an acciident

Compensation Claims are Becoming Increasingly Common – and Costly While the USA remains the lawsuit capital of the world, the litigation culture is becoming increasingly common worldwide. And the amounts claimed get ever higher. From no-win no fee lawyers advertising on billboards to Judge Judy attracting a Hollywood salary, we all know that a good … [Read more…]

Impress Your Friends With Juggling Tricks!


With Determination and the Right Tools, Anyone Can Learn to Juggle The ancient art of juggling goes back thousands of years. It might look easy, but it takes practice and determination to get it right. From 4,000 year-old hieroglyphics in Egyptian tombs to prime time TV on Britain’s Got Talent, juggling is one of those … [Read more…]

Trade in Your iPhone 6

iphone 6

Your options and whether it’s worth upgrading your iPhone 6 to one of the newer versions, and the Android alternative with Google’s own smartphone, the Pixel.

Can Live-In Care Be Cheaper Than Care Homes?

live in carer

Are The Increasing Costs Of Residential Care Facilities Worth It? We crunch the numbers involved when comparing the cost of residential care facilities versus live-in care in the comfort of your own home. With the quality and cost of residential care facilities under growing scrutiny in the media, families are looking for an alternative solution … [Read more…]