Kickstart Your Career in 2021 With SMSTS Training

Who It’s Suitable For, and Why Now Is The Perfect Time to Learn

If you want to further your career in 2021, then why not look into SMSTS training as 2020 draws to a close?

If you want to give yourself the best chances of success in your field come 2021, then it’s a good idea to make sure that you have all of the qualifications that you need. SMSTS training is essential for many in the construction sector, and could be key to you moving on up in your job.

A challenging time

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a challenging year, particularly in the construction sector. It’s hard to know what lays ahead in the next few weeks, let alone for the next few months. However the development of a vaccine should mean that projects pick up again in the new year. If you’re looking to progress in your career, then you should be thinking now about qualifications, and which would be most important for you to have to your name come 2021.

Who is SMSTS training right for?

The SMSTS course is one of the most popular in the construction industry, and taking part will allow you to gain one of the most widely recognised qualifications in your sector. It’s essential for project managers, agents and quantity surveyors. If you are hoping to take on more responsibilities in the coming months and step into more of a senior role, having this qualification under your belt will really help you to progress through the ranks quickly.

What the course covers

So what does the course include? Well, an SMSTS course tells you everything you need to know about upholding the health and safety code of practice on a construction site. You’ll be fully briefed on all the current health and safety regulations in the UK, and you’ll learn how to assess and identify areas of concern. You’ll feel so much more confident about being responsible for a group of co-workers, and you’ll have the skills to act quickly when needed.

Refresher courses

Done an SMSTS course before? Then you don’t need us to tell you just how beneficial it can be. However, just taking the course once isn’t enough. An SMSTS qualification is valid for five years, and you will need to take a refresher course before that time period is up – or take the entire course again. So if your certificate is getting close to five years old, why not make now the time that you refresh your knowledge?

Find a great course provider

If you’re going to take an SMSTS course, for the first time or to refresh your existing knowledge, then you will want to do so with one of the best providers in the UK. Target Zero are a firm favourite with clients all over Essex. Their courses are led by experienced tutors, and you’ll really benefit from their skill and expertise. The full SMSTS course is delivered over five days, and the refresher over two. So it will be easy to fit into your schedule!

What are you waiting for?

If you think that SMSTS training could be right for you, then you know what to do next. The team at Target Zero will be happy to answer your questions, and you will be able to undertake your training as soon as it suits you. So why delay?