3 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out Online

Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out Online

In this internet age, the majority of businesses know the importance of being online; just having a website however isn’t enough. In order to bring customers to your site you need to stand out from the crowd and have something special about the business – which can be a difficult task.

Luckily, we’ve put some handy tips together to help you refine your online strategy and boost your success!

Get social

Never underestimate the power of social media; it provides customers and potential customers with another channel to find out about your company and brand, and enables them to engage with you. Being active on social media makes you more visible to a wider audience, so it should be an important part of your online strategy.

Research into your competitors and see what channels they are using. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms, but it really depends on whether you want to be a company showcasing aesthetically pleasing photos, or if you want to put out text-heavy posts.


More and more people are using digital devices to access the internet, so it’s vital that your website has a responsive design that is optimised for a range of digital devices, including smartphones and tablets. If your website cannot be easily viewed or navigated on a smartphone screen, then it can make your company look unprofessional and outdated. It might be time to invest in a professional web design essex service to jazz up your site to make it more user-friendly.

When running social media channels, it’s important to know how to deal with customer questions, comments and complaints as your interactions on social media will be visible to the world. Never ignore negative comments, instead demonstrate your commitment to customer care by addressing the issue in a professional and polite manner.

Unleash your creativity

In order to succeed in business, it’s important to make yourself stand out from your competitors – so don’t be afraid to get creative and try something different! Create interesting videos to gain insight into your business, hold events or hold a competition to crowdsource new ideas.


The possibilities are endless!