4 Quirky Ideas for Artificial Grass

4 Quirky Ideas for Artificial Grass

The beauty of artificial grass is its flexibility and endless possibilities. Due to its minimal maintenance requirements, artificial grass can be used to create some innovative and quirky features for your garden.

Here are four quirky and low maintenance ideas that can really bring your home and garden to life, from the artificial grass supplier professionals!

Artificial grass steps

If you have steps in your garden, why not lay artificial grass on each step for a quirky touch? Not only will this make the garden steps stand out, but you’ll also be able to safely walk bare foot and enjoy the feeling of grass between your toes. If you want to bring the outdoors inside, why not add synthetic grass to the indoor staircase? It’ll certainly add a statement feature to the home!


Imagine being able to feel the smooth touch of grass whenever and wherever you relax? As artificial grass is so versatile, it can be used pretty much anywhere. It’s even possible to decorate the surface of your furniture with fake grass.

Lounging around on a sofa laid out with artificial grass or taking a nap in the garden on a deckchair rich in fake grass – the possibilities are endless!

Dining areas

Doubling up as one of the cleanest and most durable surfaces available, artificial grass can make for a great alternative tablecloth. Kids will love sitting to a table covered in grass, and it would make for a cool idea for children’s parties.

Outdoor dining areas can also look fantastic covered in fake grass to portray a more natural setting in your garden. The neighbours will be jealous of how luscious and green your garden is!

Up the walls

A popular alternative in homes, gardens and commercial buildings is to apply artificial grass on the walls for a truly unique and modern feel. Some people even go as far as to use fake grass as interior wallpaper in children’s bedrooms and play areas.