How Much Time do Your Staff Spend Wasting Time at Work

Wasted time is lost money. You need to optimize the time in the office from your employees, and on this article we are going to check how much time you are wasting, and what you can do about it. Because if you optimize your time, you will be able to obtain better results and profits, because the time will be well-invested, and as such, the profits will rise.

The Big Problem:

The problem is that an alarming 89% of employees agree that they lose time in their job. And that’s even scary, because this is an all-time high. Employees nowadays are losing more time than ever before.

From this percentage, about 31% lose around 30 minutes PER DAY. Another 31% lose an HOUR, and then we have a 16% that lose 2 hours daily. Here we can see that our employees are losing quite a lot of time. And there are even more worrying cases, especially when we see that a 2% lose 5 or MORE hours daily! But honestly, that’s pretty insane and we sincerely hope it’s not your case, because losing 5+ hours daily can really give big problems to your business.

How Do They Lose Time?

Most of them lose time using their phone. Calls to friends and sending sms can really waste a lot of time from your employees. And the worst part here is that that time is money for you, so these sms and unexpected calls are doing damage to your business.

Another big group lose time gossiping. This is an epidemic that’s growing. Because as it seems, people are becoming more gossips every time. And this is worrying, because it means that they are prone to losing more time and quickly go from 30 minutes a day to 1 or 2 hours, or maybe who knows… 5 or more hours!

And then we have those who lose time because they check their social media profiles, because of distracting co-workers, checking email, etc. This is how your employees are losing time, and you need to do something about it.

How To Fix The Mess:

You should consider hiring a specialist in systems, so we can block all social media sites, because your employees need to focus on their work rather than checking their best friend’s latest update. This is an investment that will save tons of precious time.

In the case of noise, you can try to improve the work environment. This will reduce stress and distractions, because your employees will be better focused on whatever they are doing.

And finally you should try to train your employees. There are many business training courses that can instruct them on how gossiping can be detrimental for their professional growth. You should also give them training on how to be more productive, on how to avoid distractions and that’s it. Education can give you a great help regarding this topic, because this will instruct them on how to avoid wasting time.