How To Merge An Extension With Your Garden

merge your home and garden with paving

Blending your new extension with the garden by designing both together and using appropriate materials such as limestone for pathways and hard standing.

Combining an extension and garden design is ideal for best results

If you’re planning an extension to your property and wish to blend it with your garden for the best effect, then it’s ideal to plan the extension along with any proposed garden alteration. This applies whether it’s a small revision or a major landscaping project.

Proper planning

The key is to work with the space you have to create the effect you want. If it’s a space for entertaining with minimal maintenance, then clearly more hard surfaces such as pathways, hard standing and maybe decking would be the order of the day as opposed to extensive planted areas requiring regular attention.

The land level of your garden may need raising or lowering depending on the extension, so landscaping needs must be addressed and combined with similar work to prepare for the construction of the extension. Obviously, a reputable garden designer would be required.


Appearance and practicality clearly matters here. If part – or all – of the garden space is given over to hard standing and is likely to see regular use, then the surface material to be used is a key decision. A hard wearing, low maintenance natural stone such as limestone paving is a good choice; it’s available in various finishes and shades, including black, and will last many years with minimal attention save for the occasional sweep.

Blending the garden with the extension

There is a trend now to try and make the most of the garden year round rather than just when temperatures are high enough to be outside. To this end, large floor to ceiling windows and the garden running up close to the actual construction create the effect of being ‘in’ the garden even if inside the extension.

Careful exterior lighting can also enhance the effect, and a natural stone patio means you’re never far from the garden area.