Keep Your Pets Warm This Winter

Keep Your Pets Warm This Winter

It’s getting cold outside, so it’s time to keep your pets warm this winter.


Outdoor housing

If your pet lives outside, it’s important to make sure they have the right housing. If you have a dog kennel outside, it’s important that their doghouse has a sloped roof, insulation and a tube heater for warmth. Their bedding must be at least 3 inches from the cold floor to avoid drafts.

If your dog lives predominantly outside, like a guard dog for example, a sturdier and more comfortable dog house must be made, with fans, air conditioning and heating built in. Whether your dog lives inside or out, it’s important to make sure you check up on them regularly. Inspect the house and make sure they’ve not eaten anything dangerous, and that their area is clean and safe.

Keeping warm indoors

Whatever pet you have, be it a cat or a dog, ensure the rooms have lots of comfy furnishings for your pets to make cosy dens in. For cats, drape blankets over sofas and chairs for an extra comfortable bed, and line dog baskets with throws and cushions that they can snuggle up to. Use a hot water bottle or snuggle disk to warm up beds if your home is chilly.

Dress for the season

Do you have a short haired dog who loves going on walks? The cold weather can be harsh and brutal, so why not buy your dog a cosy coat for walks. Try and find a coat with a high collar and coverage across the stomach. This ensures your pet is kept comfy and cosy on those cold, wintery walks!

Keep your pets hydrated and well fed

Trying to stay warm during the colder months will take up a lot of your pet’s energy. Make sure there is always fresh water available for your pets, and keep stocked up on extra food during the colder months.

Treat time

Nothing will warm your pet’s heart more than special food and attention – so give your pets both! There are special treats that you can buy your pets during Winter, or if you’re feeling creative, there are dozens of quick homemade winter treats that you can make and bake for your pets.