Luxury Watches Are Worth the Time, Money and Investment

Luxury Watches Are Worth the Time, Money and Investment

A recent report released by World Health revealed that high net worth individuals put 31.6% of their money on luxury watches, gems and jewellery.

Gems and jewellery seem to be more popular choices because they can be bartered and rise in value – but watches are different. Watches are one of the top passion investments, even more popular than fine art, cars and toys. The value of luxury watches for sale keeps on rising in the past years, regardless of the state of the economy.


Rolex on top

Rolex remains to be one of the most sought-after investment pieces all over the world.

Last month, a Rolex sale in Geneva raised a sum of $13.2 million. The watch was one of the 50 Rolex Oyster Daytonas made 50 years ago, that was worth more than $1 million. Another example of a timepiece appreciating over time is the Rolex 1019 Milgauss; the model retailed for $300 in the ‘60s when it was made, and is now worth around $25,000.

Watch brands worth investing in

There are a number of watches worth investing in for the future, including the $5,95 Breitling Navitimer’s watch which is expected to shoot up in price by 30% in 10 years. There are only 2,000 pieces of the limited edition Navitimer Montbrilliant Legend. If you’re looking for a modern watch that can potentially soar in value over time, then you should consider this piece a must-have.

Vintage watches have more value

If you’re looking for a watch to invest in, it doesn’t necessarily need to have state-of-the-art features on; in most cases, simplicity reigns over extravagance – Patek Philippe is the epitome of this. The most expensive traditional wristwatch sold in 2010 was a 1944 Philippe piece that was bought for $5.6 million.

Vintage watches are more likely to be assigned higher auction prices than brand new models, so it’s a good idea to put money towards an antique piece as it will be better value for money.