Send Cellulite On Its Way

Healthy Skin Begins With A Healthy Lifestyle

If you’re embarrassed to wear shorts or a bikini, then cellulite might be the cause. Take steps to reduce or eradicate this stubborn skin condition.

Are you plagued by cellulite? That nasty orange peel texture that occurs in your fattiest areas like your thighs, your rear or even your arms? Cellulite is extremely common, in fact 93% of women are known to suffer from it to some degree, according to NYC cosmetic dermatologist, Dendy Engelman. But although the common existence of cellulite should be reassuring, demonstrating how normal it is and that the majority of us are in it together, unfortunately it’s also an indicator of how stubborn this skin condition is to eliminate. Still, there are some healthy tips you can follow to improve the appearance of your skin and perhaps tone up a little along the way too!

Understanding What Cellulite Is

First up, let’s understand what causes your cellulite and bust some myths about why you have it. Cellulite does tend to go hand in hand with fat, but it’s important to know that cellulite itself isn’t actually excess fat. Instead, it’s the result of fatty cells, which we all have, pushing up against the surface area of your skin. This may be exacerbated by certain factors including poor lymphatic drainage which occurs when your nodes become sluggish as a result of lack of exercise or poor diet. Additionally, genetics may also play a part in your likelihood of developing cellulite, although this can be overturned somewhat by making healthy lifestyle choices, especially whilst you are younger.

The Right Mindset To Rid Cellulite

Exercise, diet and a positive mental outlook about following a healthy lifestyle are the main cornerstones of success when it comes to eradicating cellulite. If you have previously found it challenging to practice healthy living, then it would be wise to begin with understanding why you feel the need to binge or can’t find the motivation to exercise. A popular method known as gastric band hypnosis can help you to understand your thoughts better and change your patterns of behaviour so that you’re more able to stick to a lifestyle filled with positive choices.

What Can You Do To Reduce or Eliminate Cellulite?

Fresh fruit, vegetables and eating whole grains are all important in the fight against your skin dimples. By consuming the right foods, you can be assured that your lymphatic drainage will benefit, therefore removing waste and toxins from your body rather than allowing them to accumulate.

To assist with this process, as well as keeping your skin nice and plump, you should also drink plenty of water to stay adequately hydrated. When your skin lacks hydration, it will appear to be thinner and weaker, which allows the cellulite to show through more easily.

Exercise can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to cellulite, as you’ll have some super-fit people who still sport dimply skin. The key appears to be in the type of exercise you do, with strength building and body toning exercises more likely to diminish the appearance of this unattractive skin condition.

Skin Products

There are a multitude of products on the market claiming to banish your cellulite for good, but the effects of these are negligible. However, it is true that certain types of skin brushing can help to improve your lymphatic drainage and eliminate toxins that have gathered in the uppermost fat layer. Dry brushing before you shower is your best bet. You might also rub ground coffee into your skin which acts as an exfoliant but most importantly can tighten and plump your skin temporarily. 

Removing cellulite isn’t a simple process, it requires you to address healthy living from a number of fronts. However, the effects will be worth it – not just for reducing the appearance of cellulite, but by improving your lifestyle