Adapting A Caravan As A Home Office

Seek Distraction-Free Office Space In A Static Caravan

Working from home but run out of room? How about converting a static home into your new and improved place of work.

During April 2020, 46.6% of the UK population worked from home, with 86% of these doing so as a result of the pandemic. With the government now suggesting that employees work from home once again if they’re able to, many Brits are wondering if there’s a better remote office space solution for them. Whilst some people are converting lofts and garages, others are looking at garden sheds and summer houses. The problem with the latter is that prices of these units have soared during the pandemic due to demand. If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect office space solution, then have you considered the potential of adapting static caravans

Excellent Insulation

The benefit of choosing a static caravan is that it will usually be equipped with quality insulation, so you don’t need to worry about being uncomfortably cold when working during the colder months. In terms of heating, you can either opt to have a new heating system installed, or alternatively, you might be happy with a simple standalone heating device to use as and when there’s a chill factor. Remember though that safety is paramount, so you should organise PAT testing and an EICR report to ensure that all devices within your static caravan are safe to use.

Choose Your Position

You might be wondering about the best location for your caravan. Many static home providers are happy to deliver directly to your home and site your caravan into place. This might be on your own land or in your garden or driveway. Alternatively, if you would prefer to have your static home located in a residential park, then this is also feasible. However, be aware that parks won’t be open all year-round, so you’ll need to come up with an alternative office space arrangement when the park is closed.

Prioritise Security

Office spaces often come with plenty of technology that could be a target for thieves. If you have a laptop, tablet, printer or any other high-value devices that could be a temptation to opportunists, then you’ll need to give extra thought to your security. You might wish to install a safe within your caravan to keep all your valuables in. Alternatively, you could remove your laptop from your static office every night and bring it back into your home. At the very least you should have a secure padlock on your doors and keep your windows locked with the blinds or curtains drawn. You might even wish to install a security system allowing you to monitor any unusual activity occurring in the vicinity of your static home office.

Check the Wifi signal

If you’re planning to use the Internet as part of your daily work, then you’ll need a decent Wi-fi connection. In most cases, your home broadband signal won’t extend sufficiently to your caravan office. It’s usually possible to run an ethernet cable from your home so long as you don’t mind the additional wiring. This can be hidden from view either by running it underground or just obscuring it behind some bushes and other objects. Alternative methods are using a Wi-fi extender or investing in powerline networking.

If you’ve found yourself in a permanent homeworking role, then you’ll need a suitable office space free from distractions. For those who aren’t able or willing to move house to gain the extra room, a static caravan offers a wealth of opportunities for remote working.