Add Team Building Events to Your Work Christmas Party

Add Team Building Events to Your Work Christmas Party

Make the Most of Those Natural High Spirits

Christmas is a great time to capitalise on the natural good moods of your employees. Throw in some team-bonding games to boost morale and your profits.

55.6% of UK employees feel unhappy in their current roles according to recent research conducted by the CV Library job site. The top three reasons for discontent were not being paid enough, lack of opportunity for progression and an unpleasant company culture. Naturally, this type of dissatisfaction has an impact on morale and productivity, particularly if it is experienced en masse in your workplace. The good news is that there’s plenty you can do to turn things around. By investing in your team, and improving the workplace environment, this will have a positive effect on your employees, motivating them to work together and work harder, ultimately increasing your profits. Once that’s achieved, then it’s possible that you can give their salaries a bit of a boost and grow the company further to offer more development opportunities.

So how do you go about creating such a shift in your company culture? The answer is to throw a work Christmas party with a team-building twist.

Tis The Season to Be Jolly

There’s something about Christmas that puts people in a great mood. The festivities allow everyone to come together and celebrate the holidays, even if don’t consider yourself to be religious. Many employees relish the chance to let their hair down and socialise with their colleagues at the Christmas party, so it’s a natural time to capitalise on their good mood and pay attention to the way in which your staff bond together.

When you’re contemplating the type of Christmas event to throw this year, try and look beyond the typical booze-fuelled knees-up in the local pub, and consider adding some of these team building event ideas London workers will simply love.

Murder Mystery

Everyone loves a classic ‘who dunnit?’, and a murder mystery night is simply perfect for a work Christmas do. Set over the duration of a three-course meal, the show begins with pre-dinner drinks when suspicious characters will mingle with your employees, disclosing information about themselves that may provide crucial evidence. A murder will occur shortly before everyone begins their meal, during which they’ll work their way through evidence packs and listen to further clues to determine what’s happened. This event really gets your teams working well to solve the puzzle – skills which can be taken back into the office the next day.

Pub Games

This is a really relaxed option for those who feel the traditional Christmas function is a staple that shouldn’t be altered too much. Pub games such as giant Jenga, Darts, Table Football and Air Hockey will improve morale, whilst providing a competitive spirit for those who are playing. Other guests will offer support which will provide a buzz and lift the spirits of your team long after the night has ended.

Musical Zingo

If you love playing bingo but picture grannies on cruise ships, then you’ll be relieved to hear that musical Zingo is a much hipper alternative. Instead of calling out legs eleven and droopy drawers, the Zingo caller will play songs for you to tick off your card. Staff can be split into teams who go head to head against each other, to ensure that plenty of bonding is taking place amidst the high spirits.

If you haven’t yet planned your Christmas party, now is the time to start doing so as venues and dates get booked up quickly in the run-up to the Christmas break. Commit sooner rather than later to make sure your company is on the right track for 2019!