Are There Cheaper Ways To Send Packages Across Europe?


Consider A Road Courier For Your Next Continental Delivery

Many companies and individuals are wasting money using traditional mail services rather than opting for the cost-effective approach of using a road courier.

There are now more parcels being sent than letters each day, which is largely down to a significant market shift in online activity. Companies have made a huge switch to offering their goods for sale over the Internet in response to a growing digital consumer society. However, there has also been an increase in private sellers utilising platforms such as eBay and Amazon to reach a marketplace of buyers. All of these sales require a reliable method of distribution which is quick and cost-effective to both parties, as often the buyer pays for the cost of shipment. Royal Mail may be the obvious choice, but is it always the cheapest way to send your packages, particularly when they must be transported across to continental Europe?

Weight Considerations

Much comes down to the weight of the package that you need to send. If you’re opting to send a lightweight parcel which is only slightly bigger than a letter, then Royal Mail may still be the most affordable option for you. However, the larger the package, the greater the cost-savings are if you’re willing to shop around and use an alternative method of transport instead. Courier services have become extremely competitive and as the parcel delivery market gains pace, so too do the discounts that are available as the result of ongoing price wars.

Cheaper To Send To Germany

Many road freight companies represent excellent value for money in contrast to Royal Mail. In fact, a comparison survey conducted by financial website ThisIsMoney, discovered that by using courier services, you could send a 20kg package to Germany for £15.59, whereas to send the same parcel to the next town in the UK would cost £28.80 using Royal Mail’s 2nd class service.

Cargo transportation usually works by offering full or part load container options for companies to make use of. This is a great solution for companies who need to send very large shipments in one go. However, individuals and SMEs are also able to use this as a courier solution; online companies bulk buy these container slots, divide them up and sell them to individuals so that it’s possible to send as little as a single parcel at an affordable rate.

Convenience Of Courier Services

In many circumstances, a courier will be able to pick up your package directly from your home or office. In other situations, you may be given a designated drop-off point, but it certainly beats queuing at the Post Office.

Packaging Tips

Always make sure that you use sturdy packaging and that your item is wrapped extensively in bubble wrap to protect it from any damage when it’s sat in a road freight container.

Be sure to address your label clearly and provide a return address on the back of the parcel in case of non-delivery. When you sign for the departure of your package, it is essential that you keep hold of the tracking receipt so you’re able to keep tabs on the journey of your parcel across the continent. Depending on the value of items within your parcel, you may want to insure them against loss or damage.

The next time you need to send a parcel to Europe, either on a personal basis, or as part of your business operations, always shop around and check out the savings that a road freight courier can offer you in comparison to sending by post.