Gifts For Travellers

traveller on the road with map and suitcase

Ideas for Those Who Love To Explore

Whether you’re looking for a practical, thoughtful, ethical or nostalgic gift, there are some great ideas here to suit all types of explorers.

Google has reported a 150% increase in travel-related searches for terms including ‘tonight’ or ‘today’ in comparison to data collected two years previously. Our love of travel knows no bounds; whether we’re booking a weekend city escape, or a two-month cruise around the Antarctic, the opportunity to explore a new corner of the world and become immersed in a different culture or language, is one that is loved by people from all over the globe.

If you need to buy a gift for someone who loves travel, then it makes perfect sense to tap into this passion and come up with a thoughtful travel-related gift. Here are some great ideas.

Capture Those Trip Highlights On The Road

If you’re looking for a practical gift for someone who is due to take a trip, then consider giving an Olloclip lens for an iPhone. A smartphone will always win the portability contest against a digital camera, but the Olloclip lens offers added features for photographers, providing a wide-angle and telephoto zoom range. This handy add-on allows you to take better snaps than your naked smartphone can, and your loved one will be posting the highlights of your trip on social media within seconds.

Keep Your Luggage Safe

You know that moment at the airport conveyor belt where you realise everyone has the same bag as you? This isn’t a problem for those using personalised luggage tags to easily distinguish their gear. You could even get a matching passport cover to complete this individual travel style.

The Gift Of Charity

Many travellers come home feeling fortunate or particularly touched by something they’ve experienced on their trip. Whether that’s because they’ve witnessed terrible scenes of poverty, or the hard work of volunteers at an animal sanctuary, many tourists wish that they could do more to help. This is where a gift of charity is particularly thoughtful. You might choose to offer a sponsorship gift where your recipient will receive regular updates from the charity that is close to their heart.

Travel Is All About Memories

Nostalgia is an important part of the travel experience – the ability to look back at those special moments and keep them as part of your life tapestry is key. As well as finding ways to display photos, large wooden letters with a printed map of a favourite destination make a fantastic ornament and are a great conversation-starter when guests come over.

Destination Inspiration For The Future

But travel isn’t just about looking backwards, it’s also about planning future trips. What better gift to give a traveller, than a pinboard map of the world? They can use different coloured pins to mark places they’ve already been to, and those they’d like to visit in the future. If they have children, they can each use different coloured pins to mark dream destinations – it’s a great way to get them interested in the world.

There are so many gift ideas for those with a passion for travel. Top tip though: if you’re getting an item that requires personalisation, make sure you give yourself plenty of time so there’s no room for disappointment!